Jul 31, 2019

Japan has lots to see

Japan is such a great country for travel because its really easy to access.
The thin shape of Japan allows one to cross from top to bottom quite easy.
Trains are the prefered method of transportation, especially the Shinkansen which is high speed.

 Japan is a great country to visit any time of the year. Its divided into four seasons. Spring time is famous for Sakura. Summer is famous for festivals. Fall is famous for the red, orange and yellow leaves. Winter you can find snow covered temples and buildings that are so beautiful

 Each place in Japan has its own unique history, culture, dialect, language, food & many different tourist attractions to see. Japan is a country with endless tourism possibilities.

Japan is a country that you should 100% visit. Not only visit but its a great place to live. The history and culture is amazing. You will never know what you are missing till you take the time to travel across the country, not just stay in Tokyo where 30 million people live.