Apr 10, 2019


Guys......If you want to visit the most amazing place in Japan, where its warm, good food and good swimming.

Okinawa. Hands down.

Okinawa is a prefecture in Southern Japan but its not just 1 Island, its many different Islands.

So far I have only been to the main Island, landing in Naha.

From Naha you can travel by bus up and down the Island but some good attractions its really better to have a car.

Without a car though, you can take a taxi, bus or ferry to some major nice attractions. My favorite was Tokashiku beach on Tokashiki Island. I made a video about Swimming with the sea turtles there, it was SO AMAZING!!

 Okinawa is pretty hot and did you know at beaches or sometimes in city, Japanese women wear Niqab?

This is a Japanese beach Niqab. They were selling it at the beach store. It protects your body from UV rays. Japanese people wear Niqab for this purpose. I thought it was interesting and yes I saw a few people wearing it on the beach. Usually those people are old people though.
 Upwards from Naha city you can find OKINAWA FRUIT LAND! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FoB27De4ks

Who would have known fruit would be so fun?! And actually, you can play with these birds. I think its a great place to visit. You do have to take a taxi to get here unless you have a car.
 In Naha city the transportation is VERY crowded. Okinawa has only a monorail, no trains or subways. The monorail goes through the city and to the airport which means EVERY SINGLE person who comes to Okinawa, probably will be on this train, that is why its so crowded.   Outside the stations are nice too, this was Okinawa LV store. I thought it was beautiful
 Okinawa and Kyuushuu (Kagoshima area esp) are famous for sumibiyaki charcoal grilled chicken with Yuzukosho flavor. Across Japan you can buy ONIGIRI from convenience store but in southern Japan they were selling SPECIAL sumibiyaki flavored! I was excited for my okinawa trip right after we got off the plane!
Okinawa was so cool, everywhere you go theres an amazing picture to be taken, like this random bathroom picture.

Anyways please check out Okinawa.
Its really hot, muggy but its so beautiful.

I want to go again and film the other Islands, theres so so so so much to see!!

Going to Japan? Then you must visit TOYAMA

Welcome to TOYAMA. I love Toyama. Honestly, visit Toyama in the winter 100% you will be pleased with what this prefecture has to offer.

Toyama means, plentiful of mountians. Certaianly this is correct as Toyama has wonderful mountains that look amazing if you go to Toyama city bay. If you have a drone then its going to be an amazing view from the water looking back on the city.

 Toyama is famous for glass and metal. Its the top producer in Japan of such artifacts. In Toyama you can find the "glass museum" which is the only place of its kind and its actually super cool to check out. Who knew glass would be so cool.
 A typical place to visit in Toyama is Shirakawa gou village. This place is literally full of snow almost all year round. Its high up in the mountians, even if the city of Toyama is not snowing, as your bus progresses in the area you will see a LOT of snow.
 Around the Toyama city there is beautiful transportation methods, I found the street cars quite interesting.

Toyama is fairly easy to access and theres buses to main attractions.
Toyama is famous for SHIRO EBI, white shrimp. They catch the most in all of Japan. You can find white shrimp topped rice, nikuman, sushi and even ice cream!

I really recommend you give it a try.

The best place I think to stay in Toyama, is Unazuki Onsen. Its located in Kurobe. They have amazing onsen, amazing views and its great place.

NIKKO is the best place for a day trip from Tokyo

I don't know how many times I say this....


2 hours from Asakusa station in Tokyo, so easy to get to and such a easy to navigate place.

I have been to Nikko as of April 2019, a total of 12 times. I feel like I am the Nikko Queen

Nikko is most famous in the fall time, but you can visit any time of the year and there will very scenic sights.

There are many different famous attractions in Nikko and I think it is something Unique in Japan, as you can experience the following all in one.

History, Nature, Food, Culture, Onsen and Temples.

There is so much you can see in 1 days but to be honest to see everything this area has to offer it takes about 3-4 days. You can go for the day and be completely satisfied. You also do not have to use the bus for a majority of the temples. The nature and mountain stuff though you need to take a bus but its for sure worth it.

May 21, 2018

My honest opinion on KOBE BEEF

I remember having a telephone conversation with my mom a year ago that went something like this

Me: What do you want from Japan?

Mom: Can you smuggle in some Kobe beef?

Me: Why? 

Mom: It is the best meat in Japan, it is such high quality and we really need to get our hands on some of that. It would sell for 10x the price.

Everyone talks about Kobe beef. The "worlds most expensive meat". as its referred to....after doing a quick google search I am surprised to find out that it really is...

 I took a visit to Kobe. Kobe is a really nice city. The trains a little bit confusing like Osaka and stuff can be spread out but in the end I really enjoyed Kobe city view.

Since I came all the way I really wanted to try the famous Kobe beef.

I searched online for a famous Kobe beef store, not too expensive but upper middle range.
I ordered my Kobe beef. I also ordered the course and it was really nice.

The vegetables were amazing.

When the meat came I was excited.

I had never tried Kobe been and everyone talks about it like its amazing....

 Like usually all meat steaks are prepared, you get different types of salt or pepper, garlic to dip your meat in.

So the verdict.

Kobe beef. Is not good.

It is full of oil. It just melts in your mouth. If you are a person who likes lean meats, you will probably not like Kobe beef.

I have ate a lot of different meats in Japan and Kobe beef is actually at the bottom of the list for good meats. 

Doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try. I just feel the name has more value than the flavor.

Mar 6, 2018

The OLDEST snow festival in Japan

The other day I walked past a sign that showed a picture of some snowy mountains and I thought to myself "I want to go to Toyama again".  The picture was not of Toyama, but instead it was in Nagano, however, seeing that picture reminded me of the time I went to Toyama.

 This is what the mountain range in Toyama looks like.

I visited Unazuki Onsen area of Toyama prefecture in the winter. Unazuki onsen is honestly amazing. Winter onsen is awesome and its even better when you are surrounded by snow covered mountains.  The city is small but there was a lot to see.

During this time there was a winter carnival that was going on. It happens once a year and its actually the largest winter event in all of Japan, despite not being so known for it. I am surprised that its not known by people other than locals because it was actually amazing! 

The event has 3 main attractions.

 Fire sticks.  Everyone can join in. You are given a large stick to carry as a fire torch. I don't have a picture because I got a little lost, but everyone travels up the mountain walking in a line with these. From the bottom it looks cool, like the mountain is on fire. After people come back down from the mountain, they walk through the city and gather in the park.

This part of the festival I was actually not prepared for. The people gathered around a huge tree.

 After a countdown they all rushed into the tree throwing their torches and the tree went up in flames.

 While the tree is burning, fireworks start to go off over the city. I was staying at a nearby Green Hotel so I could see a perfect view of the fireworks from my window, but you can also watch them from the park or from the bridge.

It was really a cool festival.

Unazuki Onsen itself is a beautiful area and the onsen is amazing, but I was very happy that I came around the time of the festival because that made the trip very fun.

I recommend that if you check this place out.

Dec 14, 2017

Where to buy socks in Japan

Socks. We all need em.
Socks in Japanese is Kutsushita (靴下) And in Japan there  are in my opinion 
3 main popular kinds of socks

1. Nice Japanese socks
2. Happy socks from Sweden
3. Brand name socks.

I would LOVE to show you pictures of nice Japanese socks.....but I actually no longer have any because they worn out and had holes in them and I had to throw them away....and I seem to be suffering from another issue that many people have, the washer ate them.

So INSTEAD I will give you  the link to the website of a major Japanese brand, Tabio

Another famous brand that is good is Fukuske

If you want to know where I personally shop for Japanese socks. 
Shinagawa station, Atre store, there is a place to buy socks and that is specifically where I always buy them.

Now I don't have any Japanese socks to show you but I still got plenty of Tights. Tights in Japan are very common, its typical for a woman to wear tights instead of a full bear leg. We have lots of very very thin almost invisible tights that you can't even notice, girls love them because it makes their skin look nice.

I no longer wear these for religious purposes, but I have plenty of non see through coloured ones.

Japanese tights generally, in proper stores (like Marui  (〇1〇1)) Will be arranged by THICKNESS. This is nice but the issue is, I feel tights in Canada, though generally made from cheaper looking material, have longer shelf life, cheaper in price and come in more thicker material.

Price in Japan for tights, does not matter. ALL TIGHTS RIP, FAST!
Those yellow Vivienne Westwood ones above, yeah they got a hole in them. From day 1.

Next we have Happy socks.
This is a Swedish brand that is found in a lot of department stores in Japan.

I think these socks are really good quality and come in fun colours. The happy socks I had lasted a long time.

Last I want to talk about brand name socks, and where to get them. Now if you are thinking "but I want affordable socks!!!".  Don't worry.  Brand name socks, are actually around the same price, as regular socks.

The socks I am wearing are Armani. Armani socks range from 10-25$, but mostly under 15. That is not a lot, as its the price for pretty much all socks I buy :/.

Even though I only have Armani, I will tell you exactly where to get a lot of brand name socks in one place.

For Tokyo people.
Ikebukuro, Seibu department store. 5th floor mens department.

Theres a corner on that floor for socks.

My feet are size 23.5, but these socks are said to fit 25-27cm, but they fit me 100% perfect.
Armani doesn't make ladies socks, but the mens socks will be fine for you ladies.

This floor sells mens underwear and socks, all in same area (because its for suits, for workers).

Theres lots of big brand name socks and they are not expensive at all. So enjoy ^^

If anyone else lives in Japan and has a favorite place to shop for socks please tell me in the comments ^^

I end this blog post with a picture of me trying to show off the Armani gloves I have for winter. I am wearing a Armani hijab that was a present from one of my best friends. For those who know me are probably wondering

BUT MIRA!!! you LOVE Louis Vuitton! don't cheat!!!
Lol. Don't worry.  If Louis Vuitton made socks, I would be the first in line to buy them.

Dec 12, 2017


This meat...THIS MEAT!!


Hands down. The best.

This is at a restaurant in Tokyo, Nippori area called HALAL SAKURA

It is a Japanese halal restaurant.
They have Yakiniku, Shabu shabu and other Japanese foods.

The whole restaurant is 100% halal, no pork, no non halal, no alcohol. Mashallah.
I went here and honestly it was the best experience.  Since reverting to Islam, I wondered..

Does Japan make HALAL Japanese beef? (WAGYUU)

The answer is YES!!
In Tokushima!!!

I actually went to Tokushima and it was in the tourism pamphlet  that the area was famous for the AWA halal beef. Halal meat is often imported from Australia to Japan, but we DO have our own halal beef. Everyone knows that Japanese beef is better than other countries beef, and its more expensive for that reason.

Halal wagyuu, is not cheap. But its VERY GOOD!  Beef from Awa is lean, healthy and amazing. You can find it some places in Tokyo, but for sure you can get it at Halal Sakura restaurant.
Tokushima really is a nice place to check out.

I have made some videos on my trip to Tokushima.

 I hope to go back and check out which local restaurants are carrying their very own Halal Awa wagyuu.

Till then I will have to get my dose at halal sakura.