Nov 23, 2012

The gaijin nose

I once saw the gaijin nose in a advertisement, which can be found on youtube in this video.

It is a commercial for some sort of travel company in Japan that shows a scene of a couple on the beach. They state either that the building they are looking at looks like it comes from the 外国 gaikoku (foreign country), or they say it looks like they live in the foreign land (My Japanese is not perfect).

Then it just gets ignorant and offensive. The next frame you can see them wearing blond wigs and the gaijin nose, speaking in a stereotypical foreign accent of someone who can't speak Japanese and say 'Tomorrow we should go to the onsen'.

Its not surprising that Japan has commercials or advertisements that are offencive to a certain ethnic group. Like the many racist ads that have come out in the English speaking word, from Nike, KFC, McDonald's  etc.

One day I found this in ドンキホーテ (DONKIHOOTE - a store) when I was shopping for a Halloween costume. It kind of shocked me that they are still selling this crap. The ad originally came out years ago and it seems this stupid toy doesn't go away.

A huge ass ugly nose and two paper sticker unnaturally blue florescent eyes (Clearly alien eyes).

If you can't read Japanese it says ハーイ外国人デス  haai gaikokujin desu (Hey, I am foreigner).

Aside from the fact that its offencive and stupid. What kind of idiot would even buy this or wear it?

Does anyone actually buy this??

Here is another toy (of similar nature) that either came from America or the UK (I am not sure).  I wonder if the Japanese creators of the foreigner toy got their idea from this?


  1. I guess you write like angry. When we was kid, we used to imitate white with an accent in Japanese. Children don't think badly thinking. But if adult use it, probably it's impolite or worst joke in front of foreign people.

  2. Hi! I just think is bit childish to buy and wear the nose and or the glasses you showed but does not offend me at all. As Shitaro D said when we were kids and wanted to imitate some chinese-japanese-korean character we faked accent and "streched" our eyes with our fingers. Obviouly there are differences among people around the world and I think you can make a bit childish fun of it without being rude. I have a long straight nose and I bet I can pop out an eye or two by coming too close and my japanese is pretty bad (though I try hard to improve)if that's all japanese people want to point out about me, then I'm fine with it.

  3. Hello.I am pretty sure similar noses were used in Gaki no Tsukai to portray foreigners.
    I am totally fine with it,because this is just for fun.
    for comical reason asians can be portrayed with typical stereotypes too,like small eyes or accent.
    sorry for my english

  4. I am English. I thought the Japanese imitations of westerners like me were funny. We should not be overly sensitive about perceived racism. There are terrible cases of racism: e.g. jewish holocaust, slavery and black oppression in USA, native American genocide. In these evil cases one racial group has damaged another terribly. But that does not mean all poking fun at another race for racial reasons is similarly evil. Some of it might just be light hearted. Or it might be mistaken.

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