Nov 12, 2012

Why I started youtube

I actually have been a active youtube user since 2005. I had three different youtube accounts with 3 completely different types of activity going on.

My first account was for what I like to call 'music videos', which were just cover dance videos of me. I made three videos that gained a total of a million views. I stopped uploading videos once youtube didn't allow me to upload anymore because of COPYRIGHT violations (This is when I first learnt you can't even use someones song, even if you are not selling it T_T  ).   So I deleted that account and moved on.

The other accounts I made were different RANT video accounts, where I would complain about controversial topics (abortion, Asian penis size, racism).  I also deleted that account because nobody is interested in hearing a teen complain about random issues.

Once I was going to move to Japan with my boyfriend (whom is now my ex-husband) I thought I should start up a youtube account and make J-vlog videos about Japan (after all, that's what everyone else is doing). I really think its important to share information with other people who are interested in the same topic. I mean, watching J-vlog videos helped prepare me to go to Japan, So I thought they would for sure help other people.

So here I am now, 1 year later and still making videos. I am truly happy that my thoughts about why I should make youtube videos came true. I constantly get emails and comments from my viewers thanking me for sharing my stories. I am glad to know that my videos and information help other people. I hope when those people come to Japan, that they also do the same and help future generations of fellow travelers.



  1. It seems I have the pleasure of being your 2nd commenter on this blog. It looks good Mira, and suits your style. Also, with just 3 posts, you have made it clear that this will be a different style of communication for you. It turns out you are a good writer as well as an entertaining videographer.

    Bravo. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi, Mira! I'm watching your videos in youtube every now and then and I really love them...Didn't realize you've got a blog too, almost miss it! You should make a video with info about the post: what is going to be about, if you will continue in youtube as well...Looking forward for more of Japan!

  3. Sorry not info about the post but the blog.

  4. hello Mira,
    I'm also watching your videos on youtube from time to time and think it's nice.
    I wanted to start the youtube partner video thing too with tips like yours. I was just wondering how much money you can make with a popular video and if it was worth giving it a try. Any idea? I'm assuming it's barely enough to pay for a coffee here and there though lol. And what about taxes, are you supposed to declare this money? If you have any tips it would be much appreciated, thanks.

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  6. I'm glad you make "Japan" videos. I love just seeing the area, and learning a little bit about the culture. Please continue. If you're not embarrassed, perhaps you could blog inside some basic stores.

  7. I watch your videos and love them! :) And i like how u write in japanese and translate to english, (as u also do in the videos) this actually helps me learn to read and understand new words.. sry my bad english, im not from an english speaking country ^^

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  9. Hi Mira, I know you are Canadian but what ethnicity are you? Are you half native Canadian and half European?