Nov 13, 2012

Yes, I cook normal Japanese food

One of the most annoying things I have experienced in Japan is constantly getting the same reaction as to the type of food I cook at home. When I used to work for the English cafe, I would get customers asking personal questions about what I do in my daily life. When the topic of food was brought up, they would always ask

'What kind of food do you cook?'

'Normal, Regular food, Same as you'

'Like what?'

'Sunomono, Oden, Kiriboushi daikon'...(Not even able to finish naming these items)'

'へーすごいゎ WOW!!'
'日本人みたい Just like a Japanese' *(whispers to person next to them)*

No matter how hard I try, I can't understand why they are soooo surprised to hear I cook Japanese food (I LIVE IN JAPAN). It should be expected that I cook Japanese food (shouldn't it?).

Their reaction is always exactly the same (which gets boring and annoying after a while) so sometimes I play around with them a bit.

Instead of naming of regular Japanese food, I list of food from Okinawa. Surprisingly their response generally changes to,

'You must like Okinawa'

Its interesting because Okinawa is part of Japan, yet I guess cooking Okinawan food doesn't make me look like a Japanese person (Do Tokyo people not consider Okinawa part of Japan?)

After hearing the responses from this story that I made up I decided to continue this study and see what other responses I would get. The next day when they asked me, I mentioned Pizza, Spaghetti, Sausage and Cheese. These are all foods that they eat in Canada and America, so it seems that it would be an normal response from a typical Canadian person.

'Oh sounds good! I love Italian food'
'I thought she was from Canada' *(whispers to person next to them)*

They don't know that these foods are most common to eat in Canada too? I mean, sure its Italian food, but its also widely eaten in Canada. I wonder what they even think Canadian people eat?  (What is Canadian food?) Canada doesn't even have its own food. If it does, I don't know about it.


In Canada the food may vary depending on the location (Canada is huge) and family. In general though, the most common dishes include  Pizza, Spaghetti, Hamburgers, Chicken, Soup, Fish, Corn (and other veggies), Tacos, Cabbage rolls, Pierogies and French fries. (Just naming a few).

Foods that originated from Canada are

Maple syrup : First harvested from Maple trees by the Native people of Canada.

Poutine: Originated from Quebec (the french part of Canada) but is commonly found in Ontario and surrounding provinces (I am not sure about western Canada if they eat this). This is a dish made form Fries covered in gravy and chunks of cheese.

Butter tart: (I had no idea this was Canadian) Is a tart full of a mixture of butter sugar and syrup, usually topped with nuts.


Getting back on track here..

I think what are the two main things Canada is known for in Japan. Snow and Maple syrup.

'I eat lots of snow covered in maple syrup.'

'Ohh I would love to try Canadian food'
'カナダ人だからね Because shes a Canadian eh!' 
*(blurts out to the people around)*

*Palm face*


  1. Poutines are indeed eaten in Western Canada. Any mall food court with a New York Fries serves it as well as other various other fast food places like KFC. However out here NYF is the best of all of them.

    Also there is a winter treat that is created by spooning hot syrup onto snow then rolling it around a skewer while it's still soft.

  2. like the last person said yeah we eat poutine in western canada an i live about as far west as you can get in canada. if you ever find out the answer to any of the questions in this story please blog about them!

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  4. Oh and the Beavertail treat which originated in Ottawa! I'm not sure if you've had one, but it's pretty funny when I explained it to my bf (who is Japanese) but it's basically like a giant donut shaped like a beaver's tail and have toppings with either: apple cinnamon, maple butter, banana hazlenut etc.. XD

    Try that next time and see what kind of reaction you'll get? :o

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