Mar 24, 2013


Its that time of year again.
This year I didn't go hanami (flower viewing) because it was kind of shitty weather whenever I was free.

But, I did go to look at the flowers. wait.  what?

Hanami means flower viewing, which I did do, but in Japan people get together and drink alcohol and eat food under the flowers and sit there all day, like a picnic under the flowers. I just walked around and looked at them.

                   This picture was taken outside KOMAGOME station. 

  These pictures were taken at  UENO KOUEN

上野 (Ueno) is a popular spot for fellow gaijin to hang out, but during hanami season it is like a AIRPORT!  There was so many foreigners, mostly from Thai and the Philippines and other related countries. The flowers were in full bloom which is really nice to see. It was so crowded though, even if I wanted to sit down, there was no spot. You gotta get there mad early or camp out just to get a nice spot to eat and drink.

There was food stands where you can get Japanese festival food. The smell was amazing. There was also a market where you can buy old stuff people were selling such as dishes, kimonos, statues, spoons, and other random stuff.


Yaki toumorokoshi

Mar 18, 2013

Gaijin interviews gone wrong

If you don't already know, In Japan tv companies have a obsession with interviewing foreigners.

Anyone who has lived here long enough knows they can be easily interviewed.

I go to a language school, so often tv crews come to the school to interview people because they know theres lots of bait foreigners there.

Today was supposed to be a fun day. My last day of school and we go on a field trip to the FIRE DEPARTMENT!!

Yeah, sounds boring. But we get to do some earthquake simulator ride where it is like a real earthquake. As soon as I found this out I was so excited because  not once, but actually maybe 10 times at home or around walking I have always though...

'I wish there was some kind of place you can go where theres a building and you can pretend its a earthquake and actually feel what a large earthquake feels like so that I am prepared for a big one.'

Well there is a place, its called the Fire department. XD

Anyway, there was TV crews waiting outside the school and they followed us from the school to the fire department.

They interviewed me the whole way there, it was ok at first, but I though

'wow this interview is pretty long!'

They got really annoying, they just wouldn't stop with the questions, and they filmed the whole time we were trying to learn about fires and safety. They were on us like paparazzi.

My teachers had to keep pushing them away because I was so distracted, I didn't hear what the firemen were even saying.

When everything was over, they were waiting outside for everyone to start walking home so they can follow again.  I wanted to talk to my classmates and just walk home in peace, but they came up to me again and started where they left off More and more questions.  Some questions were ok. but the questions just got more personal.

Whats my bfs name

Where does my boyfriend work

What company does my bf work at

Where was the old company I used to work at

Where is the CURRENT Job I work at

To all these questions I politely said, sorry but I don't give that information.

In response to all these questions were answers like

'why not, its ok, just a little bit tell us, just his first name, just what type of business, just the station name, its ok you don't work there anymore so its ok'.

Its fine they asked these questions, but I told them multiple times that I am not interested in giving that information.

どこに住んでいますか?doko ni sunde imasu ka - (Where do you live?)
すみませんが言えません sumimasen ga iemasen - (I am sorry I can't say)
なんで? nande - (Why?)

What?  WHY?  Because its my personal information I don't want to say where I live. They asked me where I live multiple times and I finally made up a place.

Then they asked.

Can we come there.....

They wanted to come to my house, and do a little house tour interview.  Sure sounds fine, when its clear that I am interested in giving them information, but by now my voice and tone and body language all indicated that I was not interested in giving them any information and that I was getting annoyed because they are following me on the street while I am trying to walk home.

If you don't know, its common in Japan to also do house interview tours, this is fine for people who are interested in showing, but if someone says no, it means no.

So first my response was

I am sorry, but I am busy, so no.

Then their reply was

'but you said you don't work today and that you are going home after so it means your not busy'.

Now I started to get pissed.

My reply was a little more ferm and went something like this
'I am sorry but I don't want to film my house on a TV show, my boyfriend and I care about our private information and I am not comfortable with this'

Their reply was.

'Why, lets call your boyfriend and see if its ok'

I was scared so I called my bf and told him. They talked to him on the phone. After they got off phone I still told them No, no no.

Then I got even more angry because they were so persistent. It was so rude.

I was scared. By this time the other students were long gone, it was just me and 2 men with cameras following me like stalkers. And I already expressed I wasn't interested politely.

I started to use more casual strict Japanese at them, telling them I am sorry, but I am NOT interested in them coming to my house. I don't want to do that.

They kept asking why.

Then I said.  Just call my boyfriend if you have more questions. I don't want to give any more information I am busy, I have to go.

I wrote down his phone number on a paper and gave to them. It was so weird because when they got the paper, they said his name out loud, on camera. AND VIDEO TAPED THE PAPER!! :S why do that. That is kind of strange.

I then left quickly and ran away from them calling my boyfriend again, who was livid that they were so rude, didn't even give information or get permission to do anything, and bothered me.  He was also angry that the school allowed this to happen.

Sadly, stuff like this happens all the time to foreigners, because they don't care to do proper business way. Its actually rude to come up to someone and start asking them all these questions without proper introduction and valuing ones personal information and valuing their privacy. Once someone says they don't want to answer, pressuring becomes rude. But they do it because they don't care.