Mar 24, 2013


Its that time of year again.
This year I didn't go hanami (flower viewing) because it was kind of shitty weather whenever I was free.

But, I did go to look at the flowers. wait.  what?

Hanami means flower viewing, which I did do, but in Japan people get together and drink alcohol and eat food under the flowers and sit there all day, like a picnic under the flowers. I just walked around and looked at them.

                   This picture was taken outside KOMAGOME station. 

  These pictures were taken at  UENO KOUEN

上野 (Ueno) is a popular spot for fellow gaijin to hang out, but during hanami season it is like a AIRPORT!  There was so many foreigners, mostly from Thai and the Philippines and other related countries. The flowers were in full bloom which is really nice to see. It was so crowded though, even if I wanted to sit down, there was no spot. You gotta get there mad early or camp out just to get a nice spot to eat and drink.

There was food stands where you can get Japanese festival food. The smell was amazing. There was also a market where you can buy old stuff people were selling such as dishes, kimonos, statues, spoons, and other random stuff.


Yaki toumorokoshi


  1. Yaki toumorokoshi with butter is my go to food ^ ^ ! You and the sakura are both so pretty!

  2. Cool Post , Nice pics. Looks like a fun day outside.

    " There was also a market where you can buy old stuff people "

    That is nice that you can buy the old people, they wont be lonely anymore.

  3. It's a great time of year to be in Japan and the cherry blossoms started really early in Tokyo. Still waiting for them here in Gifu.

  4. Wow i'm jealous they are super beautiful!

  5. Wow! These are beautiful pictures you took

  6. New reader, that last picture is insanely beautiful! And cherry blossoms again soon, can't wait :)

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