Apr 13, 2013

The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY GAIJIN of JAPAN

I have been living in Tokyo for 2 years now. Over the last few months working at my job, I feel like I have really seen it all. This is a mixed up rant blog, telling you some of the experiences and shocks that I have seen.

When you live in another country, you can't help but grade the other foreigners around you. You can't help but want to deport people. You wish you were playing some kind of deport the bad foreigners video game, just press a button and BAM back to where they came from.

I really felt like that the past month.

The good.  Lets start with the good because its short and direct to the point.

In my eyes, a good foreigner is someone who fits in to the Japanese society well. They follow social rules and are decent people. They pay their rent and pay their taxes. They don't break the law and they are not lazy and living off the system. They are a decent human being who loves Japan, which is why they live here, because they love Japan.

The bad.  These foreigners I have met a few, heard about them or say them on the streets. You can't avoid them. If you go to places like ROPPONGI they are everywhere. They don't fit into society at all. The way they act is loud and like party animals on spring break, the kind of people you see in the movies, all about parting. Parting is fine, but don't go to work the next day and talk about how many girls you banged and how  you didn't pay your taxi ride home. Thats not the type of crap decent people want to hear, if you did that kind of shit, you should be ashamed and keep it to yourself at least.

The ugly. This is the ugly foreigners, because they are worse than the bad foreigners, they are they people I seriously can't stand. I have met a lot of them recently working at my job. It makes me sick to talk about it. But here it goes,

I guess certain people from certain countries, that I am not going to name, are interested in two things in life.

Money and a Visa.

Countries that have a poorer economy than Japan have a higher chance of gathering these foreigners. They come to Japan because they can get jobs here, in certain types of industries very easy, and make lots of money to send back home to their families in their countries.

Want to send money back to your country? I have no problem with that.
But when you constantly complain about how you HATE Japan, that pisses me off. SO MUCH. Why the hell come here? Go away.

Aside from that, in order to work here long time, you need a visa.
So what do they do to get a visa?  They get married.

This is why I changed my visa, because I don't want to look like I fit into the category of people who marry for a visa.

Not only do they openly admit to them doing it, they admit to them cheating on their Japanese husband with their countries bf that they have. They then brag that their Japanese husband is old, rich and ...rich ..did I mention rich, and loves to buy them stuff. They are spoiled as crap.


Men are not tools of money. Yet these peoples minds are so warped. Its so hard to even listen to the conversations I would have with them.

Scam marriages, bragging about cheating, loves money, thinks men are only there to buy you everything, more money, hates Japan, offers other non married people a candidate scam husband that she can get married to so she can live in the country and keep getting money.

The ugliest gaijin, I have ever met.


  1. Its terrible how people take advantage of other cultures because they know that people of that origin are genorous and trusting. Pisses me off too

    1. Don't tell me you haven't seen how some of these Japanese guys are like vultures looking for Japanese girls stumbling around the streets. They convince them to get into a cab and who knows what happens after that. So you can't blame just the foreigners and yes they do talk about it the next day as well

  2. Those type of people infest everywhere, sadly. I hear it all the time here in Colorado Springs, CO, US... 4 military bases within 12 miles. You hear both men and women bitching how much the hate it here, in so many different accents. I actually got so sick of this one woman's bitching, I told her to go the **** back home to whatever country she came from.

    1. True. It happens in Canada as well. My best friend was a victim. She got married snd sponsored him. Then he made a 180 and become an animal as soon as he got his SIN (social insurance number). Now they're divorced but he left her with nothing and disappeared.

    2. You have to keep in mind, people who are stationed on military bases did not asked to be stationed at that duty station. I was at Fort Jackson in South Carolina back in the 80's and I remember they called our armorer, a young white female PFC into the First Sergeants office. They told her she was being sent to South Korea. She literally burst into tears.

  3. Disgusting! Those types of moochers or "gold diggers" (financial or otherwise) Seem to exist everywhere. It's a shame that they are taking advantage of the nice Japanese people. The majority of Japanese people are not nearly as harsh as us westerners. All you can do in this case is believe in Karma.

  4. there are many people trying to have a nice live oversea and is sad to ear about all this crap people taking advantage on naive or innocent people :/

  5. Hey Mira,
    about being a bad foreigner I have a question: I have tattoos: one on my chest (which I would never show in Japan in pucbic) and one on my right ankle. It's clear that I will cover them up when I am working - but what in my free time? Do I have to cover it up always? (Sry for asking a stupid question, but I don't want to be a "bad foreigner" ;) )

    1. You will be viewed by a lot of people as bad or scary. You wont be allowed in some areas with it.

      Its accociated with criminals. So when old see it they feel bad, and young people think it scarry.

      But some young people think its cool. Lots of Japanese have tattoos. But lots are against it.

    2. Thanks for your answer! :)
      So I'll best try to wear clothes in which they won't be seen.

  6. Mira, while the conduct that you described of people not paying for cabs, taking advantage of others, etc.. is unfortunate, I don't think you should get worked up over it. We live in a fallen world, and the one thing that prevents us from falling further is our codes and sense of decency. We all have to get used to people who fail to live by a code.

    Someone before me wrote, "It's a shame that they are taking advantage of the nice Japanese people. The majority of Japanese people are not nearly as harsh as us westerners."

    Let's not get carried away here. Japan can be a an extremely harsh place for people who do not fit into the social structure, for reasons that are and are not their fault.

    Japan is a fascinating and beautiful place. Japanese culture has an enormous amount to offer. But it's not for everybody, and one is not inherently a bad person if one cannot fit into the Japanese mold.

  7. フィンランドのユキApril 15, 2013 at 3:41 AM

    Hi Mira,
    You have to find bad things from unwanted foreigners. You're really sharp-eyed and true friend of Japan. I'm really grateful to you.

    In 2012, according to the police report, foreigners made ​​a crime is 11,142 crimes in Japan.
    1) Chinese 4847 crimes (42.2%)
    2) Korean 1089 crimes (10.8%)
    This means that more than 53% of crimes are Chinese and Korean made​​. And not included crimes of the permanent residents of Chainese and Korean. So real crimes of them are much higher than 53%.
    Japanese goverment should be enforced such nationals to enter quickly. Otherwise, the delicate Japanese culture and society breaks down little by little. Chinese don´t respect other cultures, but built chinatowns everywhere around the world.

    China and Korea carry out anti-Japanese education at schools, that's why the Chinese and Koreans hate Japan and Japanese.

    Unfortunately, Japan is a haven for spies, amazingly enough, Japan has not spies rejection of the law. This means that there are many Chinese and Korean spies in Japan.
    The most frightening is many of the major media (Asahi-shinnbun, Mainichi Shinbun-, NHK, FujiTV, etc.) has been fallen under Chinese, and Korean control, and that´s why they do not report Korean and Chinese unpleasant news. So, ordinary Japanese do not know the truth. This is a real threat to Japan.

    Avian influenza flies over China right now. And air and water pollution problem are very bad. That´s why Chinese food shopping and eating means to play Russian roulette.

    When I write these kinds of things, many people think that I am a racist, but I'm not, these are the facts !

    1. Well as much as I love Japan many Japanese people have NO idea about all the atrocities Japan inflinged upon neighbour countries. Your comment sounds like one of this extreme right japanese movements, which sometimes I have to deal in my job. Obviously I don't support China and Japan hate policies against Japanese (furthermore being married to a Japanese)but I don't like the fact of many Japanese not knowing it's history because their textbooks in school and highschool just jump over delicate issues(I teach history in a Japanese uni so I know what I'm talking about)

    2. These are fairly typical right-wing/nationalist comments... you should obviously ignore them.

    3. フィンランドのユキ, You seem to believe that 53% of ALL crimes in Japan are committed by Chinese or Koreans?!?
      Actually according to Wikipedia there were 1,382,154 reported crimes in Japan in 2012. If 11,142 crimes are committed by foreigners, that makes 0.8% of ALL crimes. Now, the foreign population of Japan is about 2,500,000, while the total population is about 126,000,000. This means about 1.9% of the total population is non-Japanese.
      Thus, if 0.8% of all crimes are committed by the 1.9% of foreign residents, this means that foreigners, on average, are 50% LESS likely to commit crimes than native Japanese. Or put another way, foreigners would have to DOUBLE their amount of crimes per person just to catch up to the average Japanese rate!
      Isn't maths a bitch!

    4. As far as singling out the Chinese go:
      In 2012 there were 652,555 Chinese in Japan, out of 126,659,683 total population, or 0.5% of the population.
      4847 crimes would make 0.35% of all 1,382,154 crimes.
      So, 0.5% of the population (Chinese), commit only 0.35% of the total crime... SLIGHTLY less law abiding than the overall foreign population, but still significantly less likely to commit crime that the average Nihonjin...

    5. Before anything i just wanna say i like japan (for fun) coz of anime, manga, Babymetal(im not a pedo) sakura, japanese language and all that...but u shouldnt juz say all chinese disrespect other's culture and all(although lots of people make sweeping statements...) coz...well not all are disrespectful. You also mentioned stuff about koreans and chinese being anti jap... Well i dont wanna say it but i will even though it may be obvious. The japanese did a lot of bad stuff during ww2 to the chinese and koreans. U oso said jap channels dont report chi and koreans bad stuff. Well d'ya noe bout jap invading other countries during ww2 (eg singapore) and making life miserable there? Same thing (thats why theres the hacker group anonymous) So plz...show some understanding to those antijap (some of them, others are juz plain racist unless they have good reasons) Lastly, I love Babymetal :) (am a chinese who likes brackets)

  8. Sounds like people in any country ever though

  9. Hi, I think i saw you in sch ><.

  10. Yeah. My complaints have nothing about getting married and divorced fast, but people who get married only because they want a visa. Which I did not.

  11. Hello Mira !
    I've discovered your blog earlier today and had a few question for you - sorry it might not be ralated to current post, but since it's the most recent one ^^"
    First, how was your Japanese level prior to your arrival there ?
    And, would you know how "easy" it may be to find "high" job there, for foreigners ? I'm pretty sure this question doesn't make sense so I'll explain - I'm french and studying to be an engineer, and I would like to work in Japan.
    But while I know it's doable to get English teacher job or, as you mentioned in an earlier blog post, English cafe, I don't know much about engineer...
    Since I didn't choose any specialty yet (4 years to go until diploma, sigh.) I guess I could choose something that might be useful in Japan.

    1. My level was crap.
      I got here and couldn't understand anything.

      Any job is possible , as long as you have the right education, and japanese skills.

  12. Hello Mira,
    I'm Brazilian and one of my biggest dreams is to live in Japan for one year. I'm already learning japanese haha :)
    I would like to ask you something: I study software engineering at college and I don't know if I should spend one of my college years in Japan or if I should wait 'till I graduate. I don't know what would be better. What do you think?
    Thank you,

  13. I heard from someone on an online forum that your posture can affect someone's judgement towards you. Is this true? If it is, would a terrible posture be included in this? Lol that's the whole point of this pointless question. :P

    Oh and Parting -> Partying.

  14. wow, that's terrible. People whom do this makes me sick, why in the world would they do this? then braggin and boasting about how much your liked or how much money you make. disgusting!

  15. What I don't understand is how a person could "hate" Japan!

  16. There are always the good and bad people in every society but I agree.. Why go to Japan if you're complaining so much about it. It personally upsets me; for one, they are IN Japan and I've longed to go SO MUCH and would love to trade places; two respect the culture and their welcoming generosity to even allow them into the country, right?

  17. Well I really hope you're not talking about Brazilians, I mean those kind of gaijins make a really bad impression of all the others that go to Japan cuz they love the country and the culture and just want to "build a life" with their own work. And I know some Brasilians do things like that and this is so ugly like you said cuz in the end all of us gaijins and especially people from latin american like Brazilians get labeled like "leeches" just like the other guy write here.

  18. The ugly ones sound like arabs and africans we have in France.

  19. The type of persons you guys are talking about is in no way "Africans", "Arabs", "Brazilians" or "Koreans", but rather, "Bad people", "Mean people" and "Egoist people".

    Stupidity knows no boundaries, so does generosity and benevolence.

    Thinking, even unknowingly, that a whole population is some sort of a victim and another one a invader or and aggressor is the fastest way to biased judgement, racism and sectarism.

    If a spanish guy cut the line in front of you at the supermarket and you want to hate on something, don't hate on "Spanish" but on "That dick who cut the line" - You'll be happier, so will be the world.

    just my two cents.

  20. Hey 'anonymous'--why are you picking on this girl? shes just trying to talk about what she sees happening here. and why are you so hard on her spelling? its not like she teaches english or anything.

  21. My two cent, anonymous who kept bringing up Mira being racist and stuff is one of those no lifer people who probably jump around trolling bloggers pages because he cant start his own blogs since his/her life is probably boring a fawk. That's probably why he goes posting as anonymous. I on the other hand dont have the other accounts so I have to use anonymous, if I can log with FB I would.

    About this post, I absolutely hate foreigners who goes to other countries, and hate that country even though that country is providing them with what they need. There are so many people who would love to go to that country, but they can't because of Visa issues and yet ungrateful bastards like them get in and all they do is disrespect and give stereotypes the face it is.

    Anyway, keep up the blogs Mira, looking forward to them, and just ignore anymore what that asshole has to say. Probably American. Before anyone say anything, I'm actually an American born Asian with caucasian adopted Canadian parents who understand Korean and French. I've live in the States all my life and visited Canada a few times. Also I grew up with my very traditional South-east Asian mother so I know what its like to be a minority as well as the dominant ethnic group in a country.

  22. I read all your blog. I enjoyed especially the post on the emotional stages of an immigrant. I am also an immigrant and I can tell you the same applies basically anywhere you go that is "far away" from your home country.

    I feel the same regarding the immigrants that cheat the system and hate the country. Ironically these people have it SO MUCH EASIER than the people that are actually trying to blend in and become just "one more person" in the country's society. It seems the whole system is set up to protect people like them and squeeze people that work hard.

  23. ..you do realize that -- in both your blog and videos -- you come off as an incredibly judgmental, self-conscious person, right? you may want to learn to self-edit a bit better, if you care about the kind of image you're projecting (although, i suppose it doesn't matter since you'll continue to attract like-minded people with the same level of maturity and with the same prejudices.) it's not that you're hateful or racist, per se, but when you dwell on subjects that deal with putting others down, you really suck at it and at expressing yourself. and then you wonder where all the trolls came from!
    seriously, if you hadn't disclosed this already, i would have thought you were fourteen years old or something. that's truly terrifying, if you have a high school diploma and if you at least have a two year college degree or something similar.

    about this blog: obviously, there is scum everywhere. and obviously, if there was an easier way for scum to make money -- they wouldn't go to whatever countries they go to. or, if they were more practical/well-connected/generally smarter.
    also, not all of us are so obsessed with "fitting into society" -- as if you have any idea what you're even saying when you say this! it's almost scary, but it's too ridiculous (and funny) coming from you to sound as terrifying as it actually is...you have lots of maturing left to do indeed. lots, and lots, and lots of books to read and re-read until your understand that the words that come out of your mouth have meaning for other human beings, who have had different experiences than you. you see again, my point about trolls.

    one last piece of advice -- this is my good deed of the day, since i have nothing better to do with my life (might as well say it before your fans start foaming at the mouth) -- your writing/speech relies on a lot of stereotyping/plugging stereotypes; the irony is how much of a stereotype *you* are. why are you trying so hard? who the hell cares? "I'm one of the GOOD gaijin, I swear!!!"

    oh, please.

    1. I am sorry, Criminals are scum.

      I am not a criminal, thus I am not scum.

      The only bad foringers are those who break the law.

  24. I saw your post and read the comment and i will not nothing about your spelling grammar or anything like these craps because the idea of the post count much more.
    So I am not the type writing a blog and post comments randomly because is cool. I want to tell everybody out here that not only white people are bad foreigners. Asian people are too. I lived in Japan for a short time and i saw every type of foreigner.
    And to all who brag about visas. Quit braggin around. The visa is our permission to stay. Of course I hate people who break the law or morals to take a visa. But i don`t see what is wrong to want a permanent visa. I, too, want a permanent visa but i do not cheat for that. Mira chan could do that but she did not.
    Say a little thanks for giving you infos about Japan. Because is not like you see in movies or read in the books, And of course, there are a few personal opinions because her experiences.

  25. Wow, guys. Calm the fuck down. Everyone has opinions. I happen to enjoy reading Mira's stories and opinions, so I read her blog and watch her videos, etc. If you have a problem with anything she says, here's a solution for you: don't read/ listen to it! Easy, right? Find something better to do with your time than rant about shit people don't care about.

  26. "They then brag that their Japanese husband is old, rich" "Men are not tools of money"

    Are these "ugly gaijin" all women? ;P
    Since I thot foreign men do the fake marriage stuff as well, at least in my country (Finland) where they can get money even when they are unemployed. It's sad tho that us gaijin women are easily considered as tramps in Japan.

    Generally what you said IMO applies in any country, for both gaijins and the natives, apart from the last part.

  27. geezus, I agree with Mira, She didn't bring up race or people's country of origin. Lots of immigrants do come to another western country rort the system by marrying an ugly old white man or they come to study a cheap easy course with the intention of becoming a resident of the country later on. Anonymous basher - you're so butthurt that you have to dump your ugly shit on someone like Mira. :-P Everyone gets judged daily. So deal with it and live with it.

  28. Right on Mira. It's rare to find a gaijin girl with her head screwed on right that isn't afraid to go public. I hope you get famous.
    Hope you keep releasing more "everyday" impressions and opinions - that's the valuable stuff you need to experience

  29. to actually understand.
    BTW, if I were you I'd not feed the troll(s). They are true losers who feel reprieve by running others down. They just want to wind you up, get you to reveal more personal info, and wind you up more. When BigDaikon was up, there was a mentaly ill gay man with dozens of login names, most female, who sounded just like the clown posting above.

  30. Oh gee did I hurt someones feelings? OPPS! Deal with it you aint got the first clue about the country your in or the one you came from thats why its so easy to mess with you. Ohhh he moved away did he? But I remember a video about how he abused you and you left, I guess thats not the story you decided to go with because you took the video down, hmm I wonder if we can find it and post it here wouldnt that be fun! So which is it, did he abuse you and you moved on or did he move away because of work? either way a 4 month marriage is pathetic id like to see his side i bet he dumped your ass. The bad gaijin get visas through marriage and after work as a hooker, hmmmm well you got your visa through him whether you intended to stay with him or not and you also worked as a hostess with is pretty hooker like ya judgmental whore id be a little more conscious about the people you rant about to be careful you don't accidentally describe yourself. Because many of us already know your a liar, do you really need to give them more reasons to laugh at you :)

    1. Hurt my feelings? Mess with me? You may think that you are doing such, but really all you are doing is making my money increase. I don't care how much bad stuff you try to say about me. At the end of the day, you are what I like to called "hater". Haters are people who follow those they are obsessed with. I love haters, they are the same level as fans. What I don't like is "dislikers" which are people who just don't watch, they go watch something else. Those people are normal people, however, from a business standpoint, it isn't valuable to my business if they don't keep coming back to watch.

      To add, my husband, moved to another country. Over a year ago, way over a year ago.
      That video, was of my ex boyfriend. I am not trying to cover anything up, I openly answer any questions. My ex husband left to a country I wasn't willing to go to, he asked me to come, I wouldn't come. He offered to have a long distance relationship, but I though that's too much. And said we should divorced quickly.

      If after making a video talking about my job as a hostess, if you still think I was a hooker, that is your own problem. Not mine.

      Thank you for supporting me. Please keep coming back to post more, it's amusing :)

  31. Oh I will! ^^ First you have to have adds on a website to even be in the game, with a lot of ads it doesn't matter how many views you have unless someone clicks them and even if its the non click ones eeeeveryone has ad block views wont even register if the ads are being blocked, if it were that easy to make money online jenna marbles would be a millionaire, your crappy amount of views means nothing and its easy to see when you've created fake accounts for yourself because your dumb and choose the same writing style every time, even if you had hundreds of people watching you everyday you'd still make like wuuuuut $0.50 a day? Girl if that's a lot i'd give $10 just to insult you but I get to do that for free already! ^^ I'd give you another $20 to stop being an overly emotional weeabo, $20 to learn proper engrish, $30 to learn real Japanese, $1000 to your ex husband for running away when he had the chance, $1000,000 so i could get surgery to grow a cock just so you could choke on it (oh how crude) and another $1000,000 to stop telling Japanese people you know more about their culture then they do, and whatever the cost it is to get those nasty teeth of yours fixed, enjoy your $0.50/day doesnt seam like much to me but I bet that's more then you made as a whore ^^

  32. Lol. Your comment started off trying to give your comment, around the end turned a little psychotic.... No point even replying.

  33. i bet you all the money in the world it will come back to bite them in the ass in one form or another though. karma is a bitch!!

  34. what? i can't even comprehend that person who keeps arguing with you Mira. I don't understand why someone would waste their lives making nothing into an argument. what do these people do? find out things about peoples life's just to argue?
    thanks for the blog! i am studying Japanese =]

  35. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  36. Hey Mira! These ridiculous long comments are crazy.. all these people trolling your blog. yada yada yeah say what you guys.. trying to "correct" her. i mean really people? its her fucking blog and shes telling things from her point of view. So fuck off and get a life and whatever else will take up ur meaningless time spent arguing over some shit that doesn't matter.
    For one, ur youtube vids are the bomb. I like that you say whats on your mind and dont just say some fake unicorns and butterflies bullshit lol ur sarcasm is great.
    And thats what makes it interesting. to be honest. all the tips you give in ur vids.. i mean if i went to japan i would def keep those in mind. hell, you know more than i do about interaction with japanese.. idk im just saying i think you have a lot to offer :) these people are like grains of sand. you shouldn't respond to them they're just a bunch of jealous trolls. just give'em the finger and be done with it lol
    yeah keep doing what your doing! you're super cute, and i love checkin out the vids of what ur doing over there, wish I could be doing the same!
    lmao im crackin up so hard over this fcktards comments up there trying so hard to hurt your lil' feelins Mira. oh the hilarity! keep the dice rollin "anonymous". they should be embarrassed xD..what a loser.

  37. I can totally understand you!
    The "hate" I'm feeling for other foreigners are coming in waves - sometimes I don't like them at all (even the 'good' ones), sometimes I only dislike the people who don't respect the Japanese law, the Japanese People/Culture etc.

    Especially when I came to Japan, I disliked everyone else who wasn't Japanese. Maybe it was because I was living in a Guesthouse, having to share the small kitchen with all kind of people, and not having any private space...
    Now, I live in an apartment with my bf and don't have to deal with rude foreigners 24/7, I also made similar catogories as you.

    I can't handle the people, who came here, having a nice live here and still don't respect the country even a little. There are a lot of them in Germany too, so I am really pissed off fast >__<"

    I also heard from many people, they are only dating/wanting to marry a japanese girl/boy for getting a visa. That's so stupid!
    But the japanese partners are not better. I know japanese girls who are willing to marry a foreigner, even if they know he will only doing it for a visa, because the girls thinking it's cool having a foreigner as husband.
    Also I am meeting a lot of older, rich (japanese) guys at my work. Even if they know I have a bf and not willing to date anyone else, they are giving me their numbers - just for "safty". I shall call them if my bf will brake up, or if I want to go out having a nice dinner/shopping trip/travel etc.
    If I would work night time or at a hostess bar or anything like that I could understand that, that there are many creepy old men, but in a normal daytime job... no thank you.

    But well, I think that you can say that about many people in other countries too... ^^°