Jul 18, 2013

6 am in KABUKICHO Yakuza?

In Tokyo there is a area called KABUKICHO

It is located in Shinjuku, and at once point in time it was the most dangerous part of Japan (maybe still is?) Now Japan is not a very dangerous country to begin with so compared to the scary things that happened in Canada, this is nothing.

However, being in Japan for 2 years you get used to being safe. When you run into the slightest bit of danger, it feels like you are really going to die.

So I was at the club with D-chan, clubs in Japan run all night BTW. I mean, till morning!
In Canada they stop at 2am. Japanese people usually laugh at Canada for being that way. Anyways.

So after the club usually we go and eat or find somewhere to hang out. For some reason we ended up in Kabukicho, unknowingly. Two guys took us there, we were looking for some food but couldn't find any.

Anyways, in the morning in Tokyo, any club district you can always find the drunks and the crazies, so seeing this is nothing new.

Out of nowhere, a very scary looking drunk guy came out of a store on his cell phone. He had long hair, many tattoos (which are considered scary in Japan) and he looked very strong. He was talking on cell phone but he was drunk and couldn't walk.

He stumbled and fell onto the ground and rolled around.

D-chan , at that moment without thinking at all, said out loud in Japanese

写真とりたい shashin toritai  -  I want to take a picture

Of course him being Japanese, he heard, got up and got mad angry.

He went right up to her and screamed at her

写真とるな!shashin toru na! - Don't fkin take my picture!

He was right up in her face like he was gonna kill her. I kept saying sorry to him in Japanese pleading to just leave us alone and that she couldn't speak Japanese. I couldn't stop bowing and begging for forgiveness.

He then grabbed the Japanese guys we were with around the neck and tried to make them punch him so a fight would happen, but the guys we were with didn't want to fight so they slowly walked out of it.

And just like that, we escaped slowly by walking away.
I thought I was going to die!
I though he was going to pull out a gun and kill us all (opps there goes my Canadian panic thinking).

Anyways, moral of the story here is, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!


  1. Hiya, recently found your blog, been watchin' your tube channel~! I especially like the food videos lol. I heard guns are very hard to come by in Japan. I mean in Canada you hear these 15 year old carrying them around like they were giving them out at a garage sale.

    I also like the small snippets of japanese conversation pieces you put in(please put more), I use Rikaichan to help me read almost all Kanji, maybe in a few year I'll be able to notice a couple dozen lol.

    Oh yeah, have you tried rice with egg sauce(raw whole egg with soy sauce on rice)? Is it a room temperature egg or a straight out of the fridge egg? Probably the closest I tried was eating a sunny-side up egg on my rice, with soy sauce and small thai chilies, tasty with cucumbers!

  2. Wow that's quite scary o.o

  3. Wow. That is crazy. I would have been scared too!

  4. I think "Don't piss off drunk people" is good advice in any country ... problem is, you can't know what's going to set them off, regardless of what you say, so I think it's best to avoid them altogether, or say nothing if you do cross their paths.

    Just my 2c worth. :-)

    1. So true. This was on the Taiwan news yesterday, some drunk used baseball bat and injured a college student in a restaurant. The drunk later told police that he "thought" he got stared and verbally abused by the kid.

      Whole incident was caught on camera:

  5. hi.
    Found your blog a while ago and watching it all time. Thanks for the good advices and videos on youtube.

  6. Wow! I have learned that you never even look at lonely drunk guy! NEVER! If he is alone he must be trouble :D

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