Jul 14, 2013


Sorry its been a long time I wrote a blog. I have been lazy busy with videos.

From now on I will write about all strange, interesting, funny etc experiences that happen to me.

Starting with this one, it happened actually 4 months ago.

I went to ASAKUSA alone (because I am a loner)

I went to film videos for you guys :)

I usually don't go places alone because I feel its strange to be alone. With nobody to talk to I feel like someone who doesn't have any friends. I always want to laugh or talk to people I am around, so if no one is there, theres nothing I can do except think to myself, about how lonely I am.

Anyways, I grabbed some food (yummy food). I grabbed a chocolate banana. In Japan at festivals they have these bananas on a stick covered in chocolate! AWESOME!

I sat down in front of the place that was selling the food, sat on a little rock and watched the people walk by as I ate it. Watching all the people who had friends they came with lol.

Suddenly out of nowhere a old man, very short, wearing a grey suit approached me. He racially didn't look Japanese (but I am not sure). He slowly creeped up beside me, I knew he was going to talk.

Brace yourself, the next part of this sounds SOOO MADE UP! but it is 100% true story.

OLD MAN : Are you alone?

ME:  ???  *pretends not to speak English*

OLD MAN : 1人ですか? hitori desu ka? - are you alone?

ME: 私友達を待っている tomodachi o matteiru - I'm waiting for my friends

OLD MAN: 時間ある?jikan aru? - do you have time?

ME: 何?nani?  - What?

The whole time he was talking he was whispering very quietly so that nobody else heard him.

OLD MAN: 僕カメラ持っているね、近くのホテルがあって、よかったら動画をとりに
一緒に行きたい boku kamera motteiru ne, chikaku no hoteru ga atte, yokattara douga o tori ni issho ni ikitai - I have a camera, and I am staying at a nearby hotel. I am looking for someone to make a movie with

As if right? As if this happens to me in the bright of day, in asakusa, a tourist spot where people are supposed to enjoy a lovely day in the park watching the temple and eating some chocolate bananas!!
Why must creeps come in such a way?!

ME: いや、大丈夫です -iya daijoubu desu -  umm! no, I am ok!  *gets up and starts walking away from the man*

I went to get someone who was in charge of one of the stores to tell them a creepy man was there. As I was walking away he whispered,

OLD MAN: 可愛いなーデートしたいなーと思った kawaii naa deeto shitai naa to omotta  - You are cute! I want to go on a date with you!

I quickly went to the people at the store, and turned around and he was running away because he knew I went to get someone in charge.

I should have took his picture, what a creep eh!


  1. If I was in Japan I would totally love to hang out with you! Sorry if that seemed creepy. hehe
    But wow! That is crazy story. Your chikan stories are totally crazy. Happy you are alright.

  2. you make us worry about you! take care, we love ur videos :))

  3. Omg is he crazy or something o.o there are so many perverts in japan but they don't really do anything too violent (most of the time) like in Western counries. If only I was there to protect you :(


  5. Jesus christ!! Who the hell would say yes to that!?

  6. Wow, it seems like strange things always happen to you mira :P.I'm glad you got away from that creepy old man

  7. Wow what a creep!! Now you have another reason for not liking to be alone (I'm the same though, if I go out alone I don't have anyone to talk with etc)

  8. What the crapola?!!
    If I was you I wouldn't even talk with him, i'd just ignored him and walked away! :3

  9. lol this is really creepy

  10. That is terrifying. I cannot believe someone approached you in that way. It is a good thing that you were able to get help and that he ran off. Just remember to be super careful when you are alone.

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  11. Not to sound rude or anything but your grammar is way off in English. I don't fall for the argument "blabla been living in Japan for so long I forget English", yes you may forget words but not actual simple grammatical constructions (I would know!).

    1. Do you mean punctuation? As I type how I speak outloud or think, so I care 0% about not having run on sentences etc.

      Grammar constructions however are very easy to forget when you are learning a new language, especially since Japanese is a more simple language, as in there are no A The and many other things that can be put into English, thus I often find myself forgeting these words.

  12. あらあら、それは災難でしたね。気をつけてください。 Oh... It's bad luck. Take care.

  13. I wonder will you get in trouble with police if you kick him between the legs. Be diligent and take good care of yourself.

  14. Oh gosh, he's creepy. Watch out for guys like him

  15. Sometimes it sucks to be a pretty girl, eh? :''D

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