Jul 26, 2013

The nut job student

Heres a short story of the days where I used to teach English as a private tutor.

One time I was meeting a student for the first time. Before he emailed me asking where to meet and I specifically said, Starbucks.

He said 'sorry I don't like it, too shy to speak English there'.

I said, too bad I only teach at cafe, Its too dangerous to go anywhere else. At first I thought he was one of those sick freaks who was going to sugest we go to a hotel (sometimes you get asked). I told him I will only go to starbucks and he finnaly agreed on it.

When he gets to starbucks, I say
'ok lets go inside'. But suddenly he says again 'sorry I don't like Starbucks its too shy'.

'fine, where do you want to go??'

We went to some VERY expensive tea place across the street. The most expensive tea I had in my life  Ready for the price?  20$ for a cup.

It was mad fancy place for rich people. The inside of the place was so fancy, there was a live piano player. Wow.


I noticed right away that I didn't like this student. He had a attitude to him that was unfriendly and kind of idiotic. His personality was something I can't even explain, there was so many rude things he did but here is a few.

We had two menus on the table that the waiter gave me and him to look at, and he TOOK MINE, out of my hand while I was trying to read it, and put it near him and said 'you can't read Japanese'.

And thats when I knew I had a idiot customer.

Oh it gets worse.

He would imitate everything I said with a cocky way and it really got on my nerves.

He asked if I could speak Japanese and I said yes. And he said Really?   Then he asked me to say something. I asked him in Japanese 'what do you want me to say?' and he laughed.

Then I asked in Japanese, what is funny?

And he said 'you are speaking Japanese.....and you are  a foringer'

I just looked at him with a plain face, nothing is funny, this guy is just a idiot.

I couldn't wait for the lesson to be over, I almost wanted to get up and leave. I wanted to freak out and defend myself telling him his behavior was unacceptable and I wont continue this anymore, but I stood my grounds.

Everytime I tryed to ask a question, he would cut my off making stupid noises or repeating English words and laughing, like he was doing it to piss me off.

Anyways, the most crazy shit of the day was when we started talking about my pets. I told him I used to have over 20 pets in my life. He was so surprised and heres how the conversation went.

'wow?!?!?! Where are they all now?'

'well, they are all dead now'

'WHAT!!!?   Why? hahahha! Why teacher? '

' well these pets don't live forever, so they are all dead now, this was over a long time'

'did you kill them?? hahaha'


'what happens if you have a baby??'


'will you kill your baby too?'

After that I didn't respond to him, I can't even remember how the rest of the lesson went.

I never contacted that student again.


  1. OMG such an idiot and thats ALOT FOR TEA!!!

  2. LMAO so hilarious XD

  3. Hide yo pets, hide yo babies, Mira chan is on the loose :P

  4. If i were you i might just curse him in my own language. (With a smile on)... That should do the tricks...

  5. OMG. some ppl are just... no words.

  6. Oh my god... Those students are really this wierd?

    By the way, have you had to pay for the tea, or was that your customers debt?

    1. Was the tea remarkably better then regular prized tea then?

  7. Ok, here is a comment from a Japanese guy.

    Many Japanese people are very shy as you may be aware. I think this guy was so shy that he didn't want other people to hear him while practicing English in a crowded cafe. He didn't pay 20$ for just a cup of tea but paid for the right place for him to practice English.

    In our daily lives we only see Japanese people speaking Japanese and foreigners speaking their own languages. When we see a foreigner speaking Japanese, we find it strange or sometimes funny because of mismatch between their appearance and language, like an old lady singing death metal or a 5 year old boy talking about philosophy.

    And with his talk about pets, he probably tried his best to keep conversation with you but he just couldn't respond in a good way. Shy Japanese people can't have good conversation even in Japanese.

    1. No offense but its a lame excuse. This person was rude, not shy.

      He was not shy at all, spoke English fluently. His appearance was very ちゃらい

      He insulted me the whole time, and he knew what he was doing.

      It's also very ignorant to compair a white person speaking English, arnt you speaking English? Should I be confused? No.

      Only a idiot would laugh and think its funny that a gaijin is speaking Japanese. And idiot is what this person was.

    2. I thought he was a shy guy who just started studying English and lack multicultural experience, but if he is not, then he is just an idiot.

  8. Then speak Japanese and I'll tell you what it sounds like. Well, if you could.

    1. I don't understand your comment? It doesn't really relate to my blog at all.

  9. 失礼な人だね So rude. Some people.

  10. unfortunately, there are those f*ckjheads even in Japan.
    It's not his....well, yeah it's his fault
    but don't blame him, his living environment "made" him the way he thinks.

    Even in 21st century, many(maybe majority) Japanese have stereotypes against "Foreigners"
    Reason is simply;they didn't had the opportunity to meet non-Japanese people.

    Have you been to junior high school or seen the way they learn English at school?
    It's ...... weird and f*cked.
    The way teachers teach English is not meant to be used in regular conversations.

    I don't know how they teach now, but textbooks mentions
    "This is a pen"
    "Hi, my name is ***"
    very wierd don't you thnk?

  11. I'm not Japanese but I'm chinese living in a [insert western country]. I have come across people from Malaysia. like this Japanese dude giving you some weird responses. It was on a chatline, i said i was from a [insert western country]. I did not say i was asian or white. Anyway she assumed i was white. She kept asking me stupid questions like ... "oh do you kiss...or touch guy before!!!?" "do you have sex with guys alot????" No fucking joke.

  12. Just glad that you are okay. If it was me in that situation, I'll just walk away when he starts to be rude, preferably through crowded places.

  13. Hahahaha, wow..
    This guy is a real idiot! Rude and stupid!

  14. I'd pay a 20$ cup of tea for japanese lessons with u 1313

  15. I would have left right away. That wasn't a student but a moron who likes taking a piss. DOH! *pats pats* I know I'm reading your very old stuff... sorry for bringing back the memories. ^^; I hope you're still having a great time in Japan. =^.^=

    - nage drake

  16. Wow, those last three comments were really nasty. I'm surprised you didn't walk out right then and there.

  17. The problem is sweetpea...you aren't qualified to teach. First of all your grammar and spelling, so many mistakes. Also from what I can tell you don't make sense when you speak on your YouTube videos.. so he obviously was challenging you because he knew you aren't worth the money. It got informal real quick because it became apparent you are a young weeaboo so things got a little out of hand regarding his pet jokes.
    I'd also like to add you language is inappropriate and unprofessional; it's not normal to discuss students like this anywhere. So great job.
    Lastly, talk about white privilege. You are one confused child/rat.
    Nemui above explained what it's like for a Japanese guy in Japan (where the population of confused white girls is low) and you turned it into 'well then it's weird if he speaks English then.' Your argument is invalid.
    Grow up Wapanese Princess~Venusangelic is still Queen weeaboo so keep trying.

    1. You logged in just to comment this?

      I was not aware that you are the judge of all those who are qualified, sorry to insult you your royal queen.

      Forst of all your grammar and spelling.

      ...... why did you end the sentence.?

      I don't make sence on my YT videos? Oh thats interesting.
      You can't understand my voice, but you can understand my "so many mistakes" grammar and spelling in this article enough to reply? Not only that, but adding in follow ups on points I made, which makes it very clear you understood and were able to retain the information that I presented. GJ

      At the time, I was fully able to speak fluent native level English with no strange accent, no mess ups in grammar, as it had only been a short short time since I lived in Japan. It was only till over a year after living here did my English start to diterierate. Spelling has always, and will always be wrong. Take your grammar nazi ideals elsewhere, you are wasting your time.

      "I'd also like to add you language is inappropriate and unprofessional;"

      I...don't know what you are trying to say there.

      Which is it, Am I a child or a rat? or am I a baby rat?

      What is a weeaboo? is that not a person who likes anime? I am just a regular 26 year old woman who lives in Tokyo. Just going about my day, filming videos for a living. What you doing? other than grammar nazing and reading my sensless articles?