Aug 6, 2013

I just needed to pee! (Japanese 100円 toilets!)

This is a short story that happened the other day. I actually had no idea that these existed in this world till I came across it (at the worst time to find out too)

It was Sunday morning, I had woke up early to catch the train to meet my friend. I had to pee before I left my house, but I couldn't because I would miss my train and be late for meeting my friend. So I held it.

I got on the train, went 20 min train ride to Shinjuku station, got off the train and hurried to Starbucks where I would meet my friend for a drink and talk for a bit.

I arrived. Everything was fine. Since I was holding it, I forgot I had to go and we had a short conversation for about 15 mins before I realized that I had to pee.

I asked my friend if there was a bathroom in that building  (NOTE: We are in a office building)
My friend said go into the basement, using the elevator and I will see a bathroom on that floor.

I hurried out of Starbucks, down the elevator to the floor. I saw a sign that had the little toilet icon on it and followed it.

It was kind of far from the elevator, maybe a 3 min walk through the stores and office areas in the basement. When I got to the toilet I approached and this is what I saw.

This toilet costs 100 yen to use ($1). You either need to put in a 100 yen coin, or a coin I guess that you get from the building in order for the door to open. Otherwise you are locked out and forced to pee your pants.
I didn't bring my purse with me to the toilet because I thought I would just run in and out. Nope. So I had to run all the way back down the halls, to the elevator and back to my friend saying. OMG you have to pay, grab my purse and now I am on my way back to the elevator.
At this point in time, I really gotta go!
I get to the toilet, rip open my wallet and what do I see? No 100 yen coins. CRAP! Actually, I really said MAJI DE!?  out loud in Japanese, which means 'REALY?!?!' or 'Are you fkin serious!?'
I ran to the convince store where I asked if they had a toilet, and the lady said sorry only pay toilets.
I bought a 10 yen chocolate and grabbed change and hurried back to the toilet.
When I got inside, this is what it looked like. It was very clean, smelt very nice and was pretty fancy. The toilet doors automatically opened and closed with a sensor. It was the toilet from heaven ^^.

I wonder how much money they make per day off people using this? I also wonder how much the staff get paid to clean this toilet, they sure did a good job.
When I walked into the actual toilet stall the toilet lit up inside! and looked like this as it sprayed some kind of water on the seat. and cleaned it for me.

It looked like a normal toilet, but it was actually super powered. It had a spray washing function, like most Japanese toilets do. Except this function also had a dry button, which I have never seen so far. The dry button was, well as you could guess, your %"#% being blown on with a fan.

When the toilet flushed it flushed with mad extra sucking power! I almost got sucked in too!
Anyways, today I learned that these toilets exist, so a word of advice to all you readers, always bring your purse. Just in case.


  1. Wow ! And Starbucks had no toilet ? That's STRANGE ! 'Cause EVERYONE KNOWS you don't BUY coffee; You're just renting it !

  2. A pay toilet? Sigh...What this is starting for the world....Really not good in my opinion. I LOL'd that you almost got sucked in. hehe =P

  3. Sorry, this looks so funny to me lol I live in Italy and these are totally normal here in big cities ^^ and I've seen many all around Europe too.
    It sucks though! I usually wait until I can find one 'free' unless I can't really really really hold it anymore lol

  4. We have these in the UK too! 20p to go pee. It sucks when you are in a rush :/

  5. At least you got a nice toilet and bathroom out of it Mira! :)
    We have pay toilets in some places and even then they aren't nearly as good as this one. If you've got no change you usually have to find another toilet or sometimes someone will hold the door open for you as they exit, for you to just "slip in" and beat the system!

  6. There is one of theese "pay&pee&poopoo" (my friend's little cousin named it like that, I think it fits though xD ) in the city centre where I live.I used it only once,(when you have to go, you have to go!) but it was just discusting! There was pee on the floor and all over the toilet seat. Also, there was no toilet paper,nor soap or water -there was a tap,and "surprisingly" it wasn't working. The price was €2, but I wish I just spent that money in McDonald's so I can use the clean bathrooms in there (Here, you can only use the bathroom in McDonald's if you buy something).

  7. They have pay toilets where I'm from too but they aren't nice like that at ALL! They're disgusting with urine on the floor/seat and un flushed toilets as well as no toilet paper! I never use them because they're just as bad as free public toilets so why pay for the same thing?
    Mira have you ever encountered a dirty public bathroom in Japan or are they well maintained?

    1. Oh god, the station toilets are usualy a nightmear. Any toilet with a old traditional Japanese toilet will probably be dirty. Pee on the floor and stuff. Especially stations that are in the middle of nowhere, so gross.

  8. I was having an off day...this made me laugh (more at the amazing toilet than you having to run everywhere)! :)

  9. OMG! I laughed so hard... sorry XDD
    At least you got a nice restroom worth your money.

  10. I've seen pay toilets in underground train stations in London, but you only have to pay 20p or 50p.

  11. 初めまして、日本人で今オーストラリアに住んでいる(ややこしいですね笑)ユウジといいます。


  12. I live in Finland and here, almost everywhere, every station, shopping centre, etc.. we ALWAYS have to pay 1 Euro (about 100yen) for the toilet.
    Usually they are not even that clean..!! :S
    So whenever I went to Japan, I thought the toilets were like heaven!! (sometimes I've even seen fresh flower bouquets in the toilets, wtf :DD)

  13. Wow, I've never seen a pay toilet before. I think it's pretty crazy for you to pay in order to pee on a toilet.
    OMG, they have such thing called a 'dry button'? Now that's fancy!
    I want to visit Japan someday :O

  14. There are a ton of those all over Japan. Those tissues people hand out on street corners with a business add, hold onto them, their useful

  15. I live in Germany and we have those everywhere. You often get a coupon worth 50 cent that you can use for another drink.. so you can go pee and pay again and so on... i hate it. -.-

  16. I'm from New Zealand and we have pay toilets. It's about $1 to use.

  17. So far I've never seen a paid toilet in Japan. There are always somany free ones. Sadly at tourisic spots like Nikko, often reallly dirty. But I can live with it.

    In Germany you will often looking for an toilet without finding one. And if you found one, you ALWAYS have to pay... and it's still dirty like hell.
    But in Germany, Restaurants, Cafes and so on have to offer a toilet. For free.
    But still, there is someone sitting or there is a plate, where you should pay for the toilet. -.-