Aug 30, 2013

Japanese LOVE bread

Before I moved to Japan I never knew that Japanese people had some kind of stereotype that western people eat bread at every meal. I also didn't think that Japanese people view foods such as pasta, bread, potatoes and rice as just starch, not food.

In Japan, you NEED rice, or some other starch in order to be considered eating a meal. Otherwise a lotta people will just think you are weird.

In Canada, there is no such thing as such rule, food is just food and its not strange to go without it.

I learned how strange people thought I was when my ex husbands family would eat with me and since I couldn't eat rice (because of benpi), I always had nothing, but they were always confused when I didn't even want bread.

I cooked for them one night and they even complained they needed at least bread, because without it they would die.


In Japan, there are more bakeries than McDonald's. Bread stores are MAD popular in Japan, Its like its unofficially considered Japanese food.

Not just plain bread but there are many different sweet breads full of chocolate, sugar and many other things. So many different kinds and you can buy it anywhere. I have never seen such thing in Canada.

In Canada, the only time we eat bread is usually sandwich, toast or garlic bread.

In Japan, bread is snacks.

Not only that, they have crazy types of bread that I could never even imagine eating.

Such as Yakisoba bread, Butter filled heart attack bread.


What I really like is the stores that have bread that really takes a lot of effort into the art behind making it.

If you come to Japan, I really recommend you check out a bread store.


  1. I wonder how they keep so thin.... haha if I ate all the bread/starch I wanted I would be as big as a house

  2. Actually we have something very similar in France :)
    Bread is everywhere, there are bakeries at every corner... And not only bread but all the other forms that you mention, like the famous "croissant".
    Your first picture could have been taken in Paris :D

  3. Any bread store recommendations?

  4. Mira, have you tried 五穀米? Not refined white rice, it include brown rice, rolled barley 押麦 and other type of grains, if I remember correctly it has less glucose, less calories and lots of fiber, it help relief constipation.

    A simple sweet soup made with lots of water, skin removed green bean and rolled barley can be tasty, makes you full and get you to go the next day. :p

    And potato can be used to replace rice, it has less calorie than rice of the same weight.

    Good health to you.

  5. Yay bread!
    Different sorts of bread(pudding/chocolate/honey/butter or even ice-cream filled bread) are very common here in germany and you can find Wiener-bread everywhere you go but i didn't expect to find them in Japan so I was like " OMG OMG OMG it's wiener-bread, it's wiener-bread whooohoo~" xD

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  7. Before comming to Japan I didn't eat bread very often. But since I am in Japan, I eat it all the time XD
    It's so different than in Germany. And there are so many kinds! I love the specials for each season. Last time I ate sakura-melon-pan in shape of a sakura-flower! :D