Sep 3, 2013

My many Canadian pets

With the recent video about my life drawn out for you guys debut, a lot of people have been asking about my life before Japan and the life that isn't on video.

I thought I would make a video about my pets, since they were very important to me.

If you don't know, I have owned MANY pets. I loved animals and I spent all my money on them.

Lets start with the most special rabbit I ever had "Nancy"

I got Nancy around 2006. I had no money and wanted to buy her, so I sold my guitar and Amp just to buy her. She was a white and brown angora rabbit. Very cute.  Best of all, surprisingly she was tame!

She would respond to her name, she didn't pee on the floor, she didn't have to live in the cage, she would just roam free around my room and bathroom. She pee and pooped in her cage which was left open. She was so awesome!!

So what happened.....well I moved to another city and couldn't take her and for some reason left her at my grandmas house for 2 months till I could get her to the next city...but then my dad...:( gave her away....:( without me knowing.

I will never forget that rabbit and how sad I am that he gave her away, still to this very day.

 So I wanted to get another rabbit to try to fill the hole in my heart. This was a impulse buy because it was so cute and small. Small loppy ear brown and white dwarf rabbit.

"Cucumber" was only a few weeks old when I got her. SUPER CUTE. Fell asleep in my hands. But she died a week after I got her...It just wasn't meant to be... :(

In the mean time I got many other birds, rabbits and other animals but now I will jump ahead and talk about "Ratata" my pet rat.

When I went to buy her, I actually wanted a hamster but the lady convinced me rats were nicer....

It was gross because she took her out of the cage and let me play with her, and she crapped on me!

I ended up buying her because I felt strange to say no after it just crapped on me. Anyways, long story short, don't buy rats. She wouldn't stop eating! She would eat and eat and eat and eat and holly crap!!

Because I liked jungle, I also liked jungle animals and making jungle terrariums. This is "Rizzard" a Chinese water dragon. The tank she was in is a 120G super tank that I modified for it to be semi aquatic, I also built a waterfall inside and the tank looked really cool just before I moved to Japan.

All together I must have spent over 3000$ in total on this pet, plants and other stuff.

Now if you don't know, my fav pet is "Day gecko".  And this is one of two baby day geckos that I bought, which name was "Mr gecko" (as you can see I had so many pets I got tired to naming them).  They were super cute and funny.

They would lick apple sauce off my hand and stair at me all day through the glass. They always looked like they were smiling so it was so cute.

Sometimes they would escape and climb up the wall and I would panic thinking they would just crawl into a hole in a vent and then be gone forever. Lucky that didn't happen.

Here we have "pikachu", my Chinchilla. Chinchillas, if you don't know can be fun to touch and look at but are often not friendly. Pikachu was the most grumpy chinchilla ever! He hated being touched and was a bully.

From my grandmas friend, I got another chinchilla (the black one) named "raichu" which was more calm. Raichu was 3 years old and he was much more friendly. Poor raichu, Pikachu would always beat him up. You ain't supposed to keep male chinchillas together because they fight, sometimes they fought but sometimes got along.

Pikachu died suddenly one day, I don't know why but one day he was just very weak and looked like he was shaking and like something was wrong with him. I layed him down on my bed and just pet him till he fell asleep, when I woke up the next day he was gone.

I had raichu for about another year later till I left to Japan and left him with my roommate who took care of him, but after I left he died.

RIP all my pets.

The pets I have had that I didn't mention
Rabbits - 6
Birds - 2
Cat - 1
Dog - 2
Fish -23
Hamster -3
Crocodile gecko
Green tree frog
Northern leopard frog
Fire belly toad
Golden gecko



  1. I've had rats too... back in the 90s in elementary school my teacher had pet rats in the classroom and they had babies so I took 2 home. but I got the males and they stunk! I built them a huge cage but they just became too much to handle and I sold them with a cage at the pet store hopefully to a good family. They were cool though.

  2. DAYUM!!! that's quite the menagerie!!!

  3. Knowing more about you has only made me like you more! :D

  4. Here. Something for you :-D

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  6. Such cute animals :D You have had quite many pets. Still have some, or thinking of getting one again?
    I have a dwarf hamster :)

  7. what is a tame (you said nancy was one) ps. if this is a stupid quistion dont blame me i am iceandic

  8. Love the names you gave your pets. And love your videos about your life in japan, and random ones are my favourite!

  9. Did you take Rizzard with you to Japan, and was it difficult? My hubby and I bought a greean iguana when we lived in Japan and it was dang difficult to bring him to Finland, but luckily we could eventually make it and he is here with us :)

  10. You obviously didn't take care of them, you shouldnt buy any pet, animals are not objects, they shouldnt be for sale, instead of that just try to adopt some rescued animals or try to rescue one, buying animals is just selfish...

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