Sep 24, 2013

The AWESOME Japanese taxi driver

This is the store of the most awesome taxi driver in the world.

I was going somewhere last night, which was really far (30 min drive), cost me 6000円 ($60).
I have taken a taxi in Japan less than 10 times, I am not a talkative person so usually I ignore the driver and hope they don't talk to me. Usually they only start small talk. Maybe this one was different because we had a long way to go.
I had so much fun talking to this guy.
First, his personality was like the cool turtle from finding nemo. He must have been well into his 60's but he was so full of energy, talked like a young hip and happening person.
When I got in the taxi he didn't know where I wanted to go because it was far and an area where nobody usually goes. I gave him the address and he tried to put it into the computer, but on the computer map the letters were small so he used a magnifying glass. He kept making jokes about how he couldn't see and it was pretty funny.

After we found the address he said, ok lets go. We started driving along and he started to talk about food. He said his favorite food was gyoza and recommended me a very good place to get gyoza. He went on to tell me a story that 'good gyoza is good because the skin is good, not because the inside is good'. Interesting.
He asked me what my fav. food was and I said Basashi (raw horse meat). He got surprised (like people usually do) and he said he loves it. Then he we talked about a place called Kumamoto ken, which in Japan is famous for Basashi.
I went on to tell him about the story when I first tried to make gyoza, but the store near my house ran out of pork, so I though beef would do instead (which it didn't).  We laughed together about the story because it was so funny. He said its the first time he heard of someone making such gyoza. For those who don't know, gyoza MUST be made with pork, not beef.
I really wanted to make a video about him, he was so funny. The way he spoke Japanese was like a young person. Never in my life have I met such a funny person. He told jokes the whole way there, making my ride less boring. I didn't even want to get out of the car at the end.

After I arrived at my destination, I couldn't bow enough to him. I was so happy I got to ride in his taxi, I hope one day I will see that driver again, it was super fun night! 



  1. I met someone like that before , I was in Lebanon going to the airport , the company provided me and my friend the transfer , little old but very kind and funny , we had too many things and he was helping us with the luggage and he started talking , he told us how he was an accountant in very big company then he decided not to live behind screen in cubical office instead he wanted to be behind the wheel on the road and meet people , so he bought his limo and resigned, he stopped on the way so we can take fast but nice breakfast because airlines food sucks ,we ate in his car even that it was his own car and it's a luxury car, when we reached to the airport he helped us with the luggage again and gave us a little hug like he knew us since long time, that was weird but sweet, me and my friend were young and we were going to leave for good I think he wouldn't do that to every client

  2. i think that the majority of drivers boring
    Some drivers may find telling the story of their lives. And where he live and other...
    Because of being alone in a taxi

  3. Would it be poiltically correct to request this guy when you need a cab next time ? If it was me, here in America, I would want this guy until he retires.People like that should be rewarded for their work.I know you said tipping is not done in Japan. What's your 'honey' say about it ? This cabbie sounds like a Great guy !

  4. A good cabbie is efficient, a GREAT cabbie is efficient and knows how to use their social skills to pick up on what their passenger likes to talk about and can keep the conversation interesting for 5 mins or for 50 mins.
    Glad you had such a good time! It's hard to find those exceptional people ^.^

  5. I Wish i was in your place haha ;)

  6. こんにちは。


  7. よかったですね。taxi driver にも よりますけどね。Some times they are offensive.

  8. i dun get it. is basashi raw horse meat, pork or or beef?
    english isnt my first or second language, but isnt
    pork -> pig
    beef -> cow?
    You cant make raw horse meat out of pig or cow @_@ im confused

    1. Horse meat is a horse ( I myself have had cooked horse meat (never had it raw)
      and cooked venison (deer meat)
      Pork is pig
      Beef is cow
      The other white is pork instead of chicken or turkey.
      Chicken and turkey is also called poultry in the USA
      Here in the USA, we have restaurants that serve wild or game meats such as bison aka buffalo, moose, elk, etc. This link may help :
      Look under Canada and the United States.
      Take care and be safe,
      Angel Soultaker

  9. For buying a house in Japan, I liked this series:

    1. And this too

  10. Have a question about your "Wanna buy a house in Japan". I don't want to create a google+ account so I can not post there. In your video you said that the condo you went to look at was in a "BAD" neighborhood. Now japan is a very low crime country so what is the criteria for a "BAD" neighborhood in japan?

    1. It wasn't in a bad neighbourhood, it was in a crappy one. Meaning far from city, slow train line, no stores, no supermarket and other good stuff.

    2. I see, thank you for replying. I am sure you already know about this channel but in case you do not here; its the "Buying a house in Japan" video series from The Japan Channel. Like your videos he is very informative about how things work in Japan.

  11. There are BEEF gyoza. Just so you know. and it tastes pretty good

  12. オイラ日本じゃタクシーなんかに乗るカネがないが、ドバイで乗ったタクシーの運ちゃんたちは印象的だった。一人はエジプト人。とってもフレンドリーで陽気な人だった。ドバイじゃ5月頃には飛んでる鳥が「落ちる」んだと。暑すぎて空中で飛んでるうちに死ぬらしい。もう一人はシリア人。青い目の男だった。陰気な感じの男で、何が気に入らないのか不機嫌そうで、いきなり宗教の話。お前の宗教は何だ、死んだ後のことを考えろ、最後の審判で・・・地獄に落ちるぞ・・・みたいな話をずっとしていた。

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