Oct 15, 2013

Inkan backwards...FAIL

So, in Japan there are things called inkan or hanko that we use to give signatures on a paper. It is a stamp that we have to get specially made. It is needed to open a bank account here and do various things.

I had to pick something up from the post office today and needed my inkan. It basically looks like a small stick, with a round small stamp on the end.

You don't have to carry ink with you, because all places that expect a inkan will have ink ready for you to use.

Anyways, so I went to stamp my inkan and when I dipped it into the ink I noticed something was strange...like a strange feeling

When I put it on the paper and pressed it down to stamp my name I also noticed something strange, as if the paper was bumpy or something preventing me from pushing down straight...

Well I realised why after I picked up my inkan....

It was backwards. I had just stamped the end.

It looked like how it would look if you too a pencil unsharpened or eraser end and dipped it in paint and stamped it on a paper. A big red circle.





  1. Ouch! Well, accidents do happen.

  2. Guess you were in a hurry. ^o^
    What type of script is on your inkan? I got two from Taiwan but never get to use them for anything official. One has normal Ming style font, and the other has script that look like a maze with horizontal and vertical lines.

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