Apr 13, 2013

The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY GAIJIN of JAPAN

I have been living in Tokyo for 2 years now. Over the last few months working at my job, I feel like I have really seen it all. This is a mixed up rant blog, telling you some of the experiences and shocks that I have seen.

When you live in another country, you can't help but grade the other foreigners around you. You can't help but want to deport people. You wish you were playing some kind of deport the bad foreigners video game, just press a button and BAM back to where they came from.

I really felt like that the past month.

The good.  Lets start with the good because its short and direct to the point.

In my eyes, a good foreigner is someone who fits in to the Japanese society well. They follow social rules and are decent people. They pay their rent and pay their taxes. They don't break the law and they are not lazy and living off the system. They are a decent human being who loves Japan, which is why they live here, because they love Japan.

The bad.  These foreigners I have met a few, heard about them or say them on the streets. You can't avoid them. If you go to places like ROPPONGI they are everywhere. They don't fit into society at all. The way they act is loud and like party animals on spring break, the kind of people you see in the movies, all about parting. Parting is fine, but don't go to work the next day and talk about how many girls you banged and how  you didn't pay your taxi ride home. Thats not the type of crap decent people want to hear, if you did that kind of shit, you should be ashamed and keep it to yourself at least.

The ugly. This is the ugly foreigners, because they are worse than the bad foreigners, they are they people I seriously can't stand. I have met a lot of them recently working at my job. It makes me sick to talk about it. But here it goes,

I guess certain people from certain countries, that I am not going to name, are interested in two things in life.

Money and a Visa.

Countries that have a poorer economy than Japan have a higher chance of gathering these foreigners. They come to Japan because they can get jobs here, in certain types of industries very easy, and make lots of money to send back home to their families in their countries.

Want to send money back to your country? I have no problem with that.
But when you constantly complain about how you HATE Japan, that pisses me off. SO MUCH. Why the hell come here? Go away.

Aside from that, in order to work here long time, you need a visa.
So what do they do to get a visa?  They get married.

This is why I changed my visa, because I don't want to look like I fit into the category of people who marry for a visa.

Not only do they openly admit to them doing it, they admit to them cheating on their Japanese husband with their countries bf that they have. They then brag that their Japanese husband is old, rich and ...rich ..did I mention rich, and loves to buy them stuff. They are spoiled as crap.


Men are not tools of money. Yet these peoples minds are so warped. Its so hard to even listen to the conversations I would have with them.

Scam marriages, bragging about cheating, loves money, thinks men are only there to buy you everything, more money, hates Japan, offers other non married people a candidate scam husband that she can get married to so she can live in the country and keep getting money.

The ugliest gaijin, I have ever met.