Oct 28, 2013

The TOO friendly gaijin and son

This is another crazy story that happened to me about 6-7 months ago.

I was on my way to donkihote (a Japanese store), I walked the whole way there cause it's not too far from my house and it was a warm day. As I was walking I saw two people ride past me on bikes.

Their clothes stood out a lot, kinda like something you would see someone wear in a stereotypical Peruvian gangster movie. Cheesy 80's shirt and gel slicked back hair. I though about them for few seconds as I continued walking to the store.

I got inside the store and was looking around (actually filming a video for you guys!) When I noticed the two people that passed by on the bikes were also in there.

They were playing with one of those toy parrots that imitates your voice if you speak to it. I didn't want to go near them because of what they were making it say.

"チュッしてくれる?" - chuu shite kureru - can you kiss me

I didn't get a look at their faces but though it was immature and tried to ignore them. Then a clerk came up to them and started talking about the item they wanted to buy. I guess before I got there they had complained that the item they looked at was cheaper the day before.

The clerk said to them that the item was always that price and that it didn't change at all.

The man got very angry and flipped out, fighting back and forth with the lady. He called her many names and made a big scene. He insisted that the item was cheaper and that the store was trying to scam them. Finally he gave up because the woman wasn't going to give him a discount and he said he will take it as the price it is. 

The angry guy then noticed me standing looking at other merchandise in the store and started talking to me.

He started saying stuff like he can't believe how stupid expensive it is trying to get me to agree with him. I was shy and didn't want to talk so I just answered saying "I see". And then tried to continue looking away shopping my own business.

I forget in detail the conversation but he kept talking to me, even when I wasn't looking at him, started talking about himself and his son. His son was born in Japan and the dad was from another country (I wont name). Then they said they saw me as they rode by on bikes.

He said lots of strange stuff to me.
"My son is looking for a girlfriend, can you become?". lol Wut? Really? who says such a thing?.  All I could do was laugh and smile uncomfortably and say "I'm good".

They asked where I lived, my job, my name (all I said sorry I can't give, I must go) and then suddenly said "We live around here, do you? Let's become friends, give me your mail address!" Opening his phone. I found it very strange to the max.....(who asks such a thing?)

The whole time I was hoping the clerk would notice me being annoyed by this over talkative creepy customer.... but nobody came to save me noticed.

All I could say was "sumimasen kedo kekkou desu" sorry but no thanks.

I ended up having to leave him standing there and walk away because he just wouldn't understand the fact that I didn't want to talk by my face gestures and actions. 

As I walked away they followed me a little bit talking still but I ignored and pretended I didn't know them and slickly escaped upstairs. When I got around the stairs so they couldn't see me I walked fast into an area where they couldn't see me. I kinda camped out there for a while till I was sure they were gone. I was kinda afraid that they were going to see me outside and follow me home.

Oct 15, 2013

Inkan backwards...FAIL

So, in Japan there are things called inkan or hanko that we use to give signatures on a paper. It is a stamp that we have to get specially made. It is needed to open a bank account here and do various things.

I had to pick something up from the post office today and needed my inkan. It basically looks like a small stick, with a round small stamp on the end.

You don't have to carry ink with you, because all places that expect a inkan will have ink ready for you to use.

Anyways, so I went to stamp my inkan and when I dipped it into the ink I noticed something was strange...like a strange feeling

When I put it on the paper and pressed it down to stamp my name I also noticed something strange, as if the paper was bumpy or something preventing me from pushing down straight...

Well I realised why after I picked up my inkan....

It was backwards. I had just stamped the end.

It looked like how it would look if you too a pencil unsharpened or eraser end and dipped it in paint and stamped it on a paper. A big red circle.