Apr 15, 2014

I am a Japanese gr. 1 student

I am a Japanese Gr.1 student....but I am 24...ouch.

Well it may seem very strange, I mean usually the idea for a lot of kids is "I hate school, I just want to play". And as an adult the idea is usually "kids, get your ass to school so I don't have to hear you blabber all day so you can learn".

My feeling is a little bit different from the Average person. I actually loved school growing up (at times). It depended on the teacher and subject. Math and anything math related (that includes the part of science where you start adding molecules together and crap that is so useless to me).  Thought I loved gr.11 math class cause my teacher got me, he let me do my Art and English work all through the class because he understood that I wasn't meant to go into any field for math. He understood that I just wasn't interested and if you are not interested, you wont learn.

I loved Art, English, Dance and Gym classes. I was an arts and English major in school. I always used to write essays and books that were 10 pages above the teachers expectations.  In art class, I would finish my work faster than everyone else and I would feel very fustrated that my teacher wouldn't let me skip ahead... I couldn't understand why she would give us 3 days to finish something that took me just under 2 hours. I was a very "get to the point" "hurry up and get it done" "no need to think or plan just do and its finished" type of person. I have never wrote a rough draft of something in my life. I always thought it was a waste of time, why need it? I already would have the whole idea for what I was going to make instantly. 

I don't know, I guess I am just different from everyone else. I don't know if this is good or bad, but it must be a good thing, which is why I was able to become a manager at a major company, you need to be fast thinking and able to come up with what you need to say or what needs to be done on the spot. Time is money and time spent is lost customers.

Oh look at me. I have blabbed on about my school life and have yet to talk about my new school life.

So I am a person who thinks learning is fun (if I like what I am learning of course).  So I thought it would be fun to go though Japanese school, just as a kid would (without the teacher) and teach myself using Japanese kids text books, drill books and fake tests (which all can be bought in Japan, omg the book store is a paradise!).

I have not bought any math books, instead I am focusing on Japanese, Kanji, Science, Geography and Society & Life (I don't know how to describe these subjects, we don't have it in Canadian grade schools).

Lots of people might think that it is such a pain to start at Gr.1 as a 24 year old, even gr.3 stuff might sound to easy. Well it may be easy, but it will get more challenging as I go along. I want to learn from this level so I don't miss anything.  I have never went to Gr. school in Japan, so I need to start from the very beginning. Well actually the very beginning is kindergarten, but I can already read katakana and hiragana so that would be too too easy to the point where I wouldn't be learning anything.

Right now I am sucking up the words I don't know and with the words I don't know, I write them down a few times, search wikipedia what they are, then write down what they are and a few sentences about them.  Then what I do is check twitter. What did people tweet about? Its really fun to use twitter to study.

Reading peoples tweets gets you to understand native situations where one would talk about the word. You would also be surprised how many people tweet the exact same thing lol.

Anyways, I just wanted to write this since I haven't made a blog post in a long long time.


  1. I have a question. If you say you're a japanese 1st grade student, do you really mean you go to elementary school every day to sit in a classroom with ~6 year olds?
    Sorry if this question sounds mean, I'm just really wondering.

    1. I think she will buy the elementary school textbooks at a bookstore, then she will start to learn at her home.

    2. No, I mean I bought all the material and am teaching it to myself without the teacher or class room. I actually found out from my friend that It could count as home schooling and I could actually go and take a test and get a actual Japanese diploma, that would be cool to do. I am going to research about it and see what its about.

  2. lol, no... she just uses text books for first year students to study Japanese language... ha ha

  3. カナダ人さんは私のもはんで、頑張るべきですよ。

  4. 神保町の三省堂に行けば、小中高の教科書や模試や受験の過去問が購入できるよ。活用してみては?

  5. Haaa, exactly what I want to do here in England! :D I want to buy secondary school text books and go through them to improve both my English and my understanding of the country and the people here. :)

    Have fun, Mira! ^_^V

    - nage drake

  6. I used to like school too (not all classes of course!). I loved (and I kinda miss) Maths, unlike you. But I don't think education is limited to kids. Anyone can start learning anything they want to if they feel like it. :)

  7. MIra, let me suggest this book to you. It's bilingual. 日本人が誤解される100の言動―国際交流やビジネスで日本を再生するヒント . ISBN-10: 4794600593. Max, Brazil.

  8. >Society & Life
    それはたぶん「社会(科)」。英語だとsocial studies かな?

    こんな ↓ 英語の本を読んだことあります。

  9. I wish they had more of a selection of Japanese books here in America. I don't like to buy EVERYTHING online.
    They have grade school books for people who want to learn Spanish but that's about it. They have more Spanish than they do French, German and Japanese and there is more French and German than Japanese. It's a bit frustrating.
    America needs more of a selection in language learning, because this shit, is annoying and boring.

  10. This is a brilliant idea! I'm just studying language for now (passed the N5 last December and working myself up again from there, I waited too long after studying in college and lost a lot), but I would love to study like this one day too. I love school. I miss it. And there's no harm in starting grade school like this at any age! I always tell everyone when you start a new language you're a baby again, so if you want to learn via school the same way another culture/country did, it only makes sense you'll be a grade schooler again. Looking forward to reading more about your experience with this as you keep up with it!