Apr 30, 2014

IKEA in Japan

Welcome to ee-kei-yah.   That is how IKEA is pronounced in Japanese. For those who can read イケア.  A furniture store I have only been in Canada few times. I remember it to be completely different than how it is in Japan. For one it is HUGE!, from the outside it looks 7 or 8 stories high (however it is only really 2). Doing a quick google maps comparison, it for sure is bigger in Japan than Toronto.

I remember ikea's image to Torontonian people is a fancy store for fancy people. I have also heard other people say it is "expensive and crap". Which really confuses me because in Japan, the stuff in the store looks more crappy than walmart....sorry ikea fans.

You will find multiple boxes of the same item for a cheap price. Usually the stuff is kinda bland and yeah, it really does look cheap.

I don't remember stuff looking this cheap in Canada though so I don't know if the stores are actually different.

Anyways moving on from the random ikea bashing. One thing I would like to point out is it is an easy store to get lost in. You enter and go upstairs to the furniture area where there are loads and loads of furniture spread out in a maze of left and right turns, sometimes you get confused and think you are going in circles.

The prices are around 200-500$ for a cheap couch. I was going to buy my couch here but they actually didn't have the one I wanted in stock.

The couch I wanted was pretty comfy. It was ultra soft and had a washable cover that you could easily rip of and stick back on. It is good to be able to wash your couch, that way it will last longer and will always be clean :).

Well since they didn't have the couch I wanted I have to take my business else ware. I really need a couch though.

Anyways moving out of the furniture area upstairs if you even get out of the maze. You will come downstairs to the small household section, which just looks like cheap stuff pumped out of a sweat factory. Low quality, cheap, plenty of it. Large boxes just full of pillows, cups etc. all the same design.

As cheap as it does look, when you put it all together it does come out looking pretty nice I guess.

I think the kids section is interesting. Check out these....stuff animal vegetable magnets?? is that what they are supposed to be? I actually have no clue.

You certainly can have a lot of fun in this store if you are into getting lots of household stuff that is cheap.

And if you are into creepy random acid bird cushions or mushroom trip sofa patterns there are plenty of that stuff here.

After you exit the store theres the food court where they sell the very cheap and probably poisonous $1 hot dog and drink. Even the picture makes me want to puke. I am sorry for hot dog fans, but I look at the picture and it is just so plain, as plain as the items they sell.

Well you caught me, I just don't have much good to say about ikea. I rather shop at Tokkyu hands or somewhere with less of the exact same thing in a big box sold at a cheap price.  Ikea reminds me of yunikuro, which is a Japanese clothing store which sells cheap clothes all of the same plain pattern.

But if you are into that stuff, it is good to know that there are plenty of that in Japan. Ikea delivers large items to your home in case you can't carry it home yourself. There are multiple locations across Japan, and it is cheap.


  1. We are getting a new IKEA close to us in Kansas City, Kansas. I've never been to an IKEA. I might go look once they open for business.

  2. never been in one, but they offer a quick put together stuff, If you got narrow stairs or small elevator this stuff would be better than a trying to carry up full sized furniture.I can't see it being high end stuff though.

  3. In Germany, there are a lot of IKEAs. If you want to have good quality for a fair price, then IKEA is a good option.

  4. We have IKEA also in Germany. And that very often :) Never expected that it is in Japan, too!
    Good Blog!

  5. Here in Sweden, IKEA is THE place to go when you need interior design. Or a place to eat. Or flowers. Anyways, we use it as a kind of meeting place to if you're a recent mover, like you've just moved someplace. Like if you go somewhere else to buy your stuff, your looked at some kind of crazy person because stuff is do cheap at IKEA in Sweden. Haha

    / Swedish fan

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  7. Like Brea said , KCK will be getting an IKEA ! Because we americans can't get enough cheap stuff ! Hey Brea Huff , Nebraska Furniture Mart !!

  8. oh I see that people like your blog. THIS IS NICE !
    BTW I like your blog. xoxo

  9. I heard somewhere that 30% European people use beds they bought at IKEA. I'm not sure, but I guess IKEA is super big there in Europe, even bigger than in North America. How about in Canada? Many people buy beds at IKEA there? I also live in Tokyo, but there wasn't IKEA in Tokyo Area till quite recently, so, I can't judge IKEA in Japan yet. I must go and see it.

  10. As a true Swede, I love IKEA (I'm pretty sure my whole room is IKEA). But we don't really have any cheaper furniture stores, at least not as big ones. Anyway, it's interesting to see what it's like in other countries ^^

  11. In Germany it's better than you describe here. XD
    It doesn't look cheap and crap ... we have so much IKEA-furniture in here ... most of the living room and bedroom ... and also the kitchen XD

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  13. Also if it's any help, this place has the largest furniture showrooms in Tokyo. Purchased my desk chair at the Shinjuku branch a few years ago.

  14. In Portugal we also have Ikea stores but not all of it looks cheap. You have different furtniture lines and if you want a cheap one you'll get a cheap looking one, but there is also expensive and good looking furniture. And if you want nice bed linen, cheap kitchen accessories and such, it is a nice place to get it. I don't know how it is in Japan, but in Portugal you can only get cheap stuff from a small amount of stores, Ikea included, or in the street fairs, because otherwise everything will be really expensive. If you were living on a budget you would praise Ikea for existing! At least with the money I spent there on kitchen accessories I would only be able to buy less than half in a Portuguese store as everything is designer brand or fancy and it is drop dead expensive. And it was the only place where I could get a bathroom chest of drawers for less than 60€.

    But maybe in Japan there's more stores at good prices available or maybe you can afford other kind of stuff. Well if I could, I would for sure, I love antique things and designer stuff.

    1. Fun to find another portuguese fellow following Mira's blog. But you totally right and i agree with you. i have a friend who equipped her kitchen totally with Ikea stuff and shes pretty happy... the oven lasts already for 5 years without any problems. i mean it does what is supposed too.. i think u can find good quality in ikea. and its cheap. the only problem with ikea is when u go to someone's home... u easily find alot of stuff u also own... since theres alot of people buying stuff from Ikea u get to see pretty much the same furniture or kitchen stuff in a whole bunch of diferent homes... dont think it will be a problem in Japan... and i live in Switzerland, known for being one of the most richest countries in the world, but still Ikea is so much popular. and its always crouded... its even so hard to rent one of their vans so u can bring your stuff home.. i buy alot from ikea and im really happy. sure you dont get exclusivity but u get pretty much decent quality.. in my own room back at Portugal its all ikea stuff... even the bed, but i bought a top notch mattress somewhere else. I apologize for my english, wich was my 2nd language but since im living in Swiss lands i get sometimes a bit lost between Portuguese, english, french and german... also learning Japanese coz im planning a trip to Japan but its not (at least not yet) getting mixed with all the others.. but my keyboard is french though, so i apologize for "killing" written english.

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  17. Ikea (which is pronounced the same in Swedish as in Japanese :) ) is heaven for me when I get homesick. It takes me over an hour to get to the Funabashi store but it's worth it for some Swedish gravlax and hard cheese. I was actually surprised at how IDENTICAL Swedish and Japanese Ikea stores are! I wouldn't know I was in Japan if it wasn't for the katakana written underneath the original name.

  18. We have an IKEA here as well. I bought some sheets from there. They're pretty good quality as the color doesn't seem to have faded since i bought them.. 7 years ago??? i also have 2 thin blankets that are very warm an soft. These did change color a bit, but who cares, lol
    I had a bed too but I sold it. It was easy to put together :> I agree that at times the stuff looks cheap and poor quality. The plain stuff can be personalized though ;) i think the couches are expensive there. :/ but i saw a few cute ones. the last catalog i had.. the rooms looked cluttered and really cheap. and like nobody was meant to live there 0-0