Apr 29, 2014

Shopping at LALAPORT Tokyo Japan

Ok ok ok. I lied. LALAPORT is at Funabashi which is actually in Chiba, not Tokyo....whatever.

Lalaport is one of the few MALLS in Japan. It is just like any mall in Canada. Usually malls here are stores that go up (like 109) or like a mall except everything is outside inside out mall (the doors to each store is outside).

So when I got there I found this, it was meet FUNASHI!!..or at least I think you could meet him, I didn't stick around to meet him. Funashi is the name of a mascot for Funabashi area. In Japan different areas have a character that represents that city. You might know the famous Kumamon of kumamoto ken, well funashi is like that.

Anyways, I proceed to look for a bathing suit or clothes and I came across this apple....thing on the way and decided to take this picture.

I kinda like coming to lalaport, theres many many different stores, most of them geared towards those 25 or older and those with kids. There are not a lot of very very young stores like 109. There are also tons of kids stores, including a Pokemon center.

Well how about I just wear this T-shirt instead of buying a bathing suit?  lol.  Anyways bathing suits in Japan are something that is NOT CHEAP. I bought a cheap ass bathing suit that was 60$ 3 years ago, it was the cheapest I could find. I didn't buy it at any fashionable store but I bought it at a cheap department store. That gives you an idea on how much you should fork out to get one.

At 109 or related stores the average price of a bathing suit is 120-200$. It is something people are just willing to pay for. Quality is not necessary the word I want to use, because even though these bathing suits are extremely expensive, they are not necessarily made to last.

They are made to look sexy.  With that being said, I really need to work out before summer comes along if I even want to look sexy on the beach.

I tried on a bathing suit I liked, only to find a tight shoved in ass and gut hanging over the sides as well as those legs bulging out. I did take a picture of me wearing it, but I have decided not to show. 

I don't drink any pop, but its mostly those late night JAGARIKO chip sticks that I always eat 2-3 boxes. Well starting today, those are a no no  till summer is over.

I am happy that I got this new bathing suit. I just need to buy a thong for it....say whaaaaaaaaa?!.  In case you didn't know, fake thongs are a VERY popular accessory for bathing suits in Tokyo, and it is so "cool/sexy/cute" to have it hanging out. Its often sold with bathing suits or separate (for 50$ :o ).  I gotta get me one.

After getting my bathing suit I went on to eat some burgers and walked around some more. I went inside a store called MURUA (which up until today for some strange reason I thought it was called miura). I was interested in buying some shirt that was on the manikin that was on display. I tried it on but the blue shirt to go over top was toooooooo big so I just bought the skirt/shorts and top. It is good for summer.

I had some fun chatting with the worker there about the clothes.

As I was leaving I found this tiny as purse. It is no bigger than half my hand. 

They were not selling it but giving it away for some campaign if you buy more than 50$ worth of stuff or something. I just wanted to get this small purse.

Wouldn't it be funny if I started using it and carrying it around like it was my purse hahaha. I kinda really want it :/


  1. I love your Youtube vids!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog posts as much as I like watching your vids. :)

    I want that tiny purse too. -_-' and I don't even like having to carry a purse.

  3. Mira, your new bikini really looks great! I've never seen such types in Germany. Anyway, I really would like to ask you, what kind of work-outs you are planning to do? Do you do something like running or something like "blogilatis by cassie" on youtube?
    Lots of greeting from Germany

  4. If that's a Samantha Thavasa Mini you can find it on taobao for about 15usd.

    I can have one delivered to Japan just because it's you =)