May 12, 2014

Cheap kaitenzushi in JAPAN

The other day I went to like 5 used clothing stores in search for Louis Vuitton glasses. I didn't have any luck finding any so saddened I popped into a kaitenzushi (or sushi go around as some might call it).  This is where the sushi goes around a conveyor belt and you just pick whatever you want off it and eat it.

You can also order from a computer screen for most modern stores.  Even for those people who are tourists and can't read, there are other languages on the menu sometimes.

I usually order my food from the menu because the food that has been going around and around touched the air for a while and I would prefer fresher sushi.

This store was pretty cheap and pretty fun, the sushi came out on a big ass DOCTOR YELLOW!!  For those who don't live here, probably don't know what this is but it is actually the name of a shinkansen that usually you can't ride on, it is only for testing (however if you are mad lucky, sometimes you actually can ride it)

I want to ride it....

Anyways. Actually if you already saw my video on Japanese sushi vs Canadian sushi, I made it clear that I liked Canadian sushi better.  I often am reminded every time I go out for sushi that it isn't so fun. I always buy the same 3-4 things depending on what the store has.  Maguro (akami), anago, unagi and tobiko.  Sometimes I will get tako, ikura or katsuo but thats if its a good store.

This time I took the dive and got some tamago yaki.

Sushi joints in Japan can be pretty complex. Offering a wide rang of interesting items from french fries, burgers, cake, juice and honey dew melon!  This sounded so tempting but I had suspected that it wasn't going to be super good tasting. Usually when I have fruit at a sushi place, it tastes kinda old. I have a really good fruit store near my house and can buy the whole melon for 3$, so I don't need to pay the same for a slice.

I got bored to eating the same things so this time I took a pass on the melon and decided to go for a type of small fish often served at izakaya.

I love these and I know where to go to get the best tasting ones.

However, this sushi restaurant was not the best at all. They were really missing the best part, either yuzu, lemon, sudachi to squeeze on them.

I only was left with typical of Japan. People love mayo here, but not me. I actually hate the stuff. So I had to eat my fish plain. opps.


  1. I'd love to go to one of these next time I go to Japan again! :)
    Have you know...
    ahem.. "fish sperm"? oh god..
    By the way, can you do a video about 2nd hand clothing stores? It'll be really interesting to watch ahah

  2. Hey Mira, if they have sweet relish, mix it with the mayo. you "might" like it, it's how I eat my fish. Anyway someone posted a video of Japanese youtube? it showed you in it. You were learning CPR and learning how to call Japans 911 line. I sometimes go to this local Japanese resturaunt I get the "Yaki Udon" with beef. I did try some of their sushi last time; it was tasty but for the price not that filling. Liked the blog.