Dec 4, 2016

YouTuber, The life of freedom?! busy as Shi...nkansen!

If the picture were to have a bubble above it with text, it would say....I slept 2 hours, ate 3 dinners at breakfast and now I have to eat these two fish and pretend I am not full and enjoying my life.

So, YouTuber. Lots of people think its a fun life of freedom!!! After all, you are your own boss. You sit there. At your computer right? Just film a lil video and bamb!!!!

Sorry pal, that was a YouTuber's job 6+ years ago.

The industry has changed, and it just keeps getting on more compeditive and hard. The standards for our film production increases with time and with our audience size.

Back in the day, you could upload a shaky video from a cell phone camera, or heck, not even a video but just a bunch of pictures and text.....remember those?

Now you would think the demand stops at a nice 1000$ 4K Camera? nope.
Cause the list of stuff I need to buy just keeps piling up. Lights, more camera stands, a different zoom lense, waterproof camera, new mic, mic receiver....yet another new camera, drone? helecopter? space station!!!

okay maybe I got a little carried away.

Anyway, I remember back in the day I used to make 5 min movies and it only took 10 mins or less. No subs, no editing, just cut out the crap and its done. And it got views. Many many views. Original housewife in Japan had hundereds of thousands of views. But now, you need hours of editing. And what used to take only 1 hour...started taking 2....then 4.....12....

I used to be able to edit 4 videos in 1 day. Now I can hardly find the time for 1....

My job has become a love hate relationship.
I LOVE filming, I hate editing.
I used to upload a video every 2 days. This year, I have uploaded 10x less than I did the year before.

I realized the reason for this is because I am constantly working at my restaurant. But I can't quit. I like working there. But what ends up happening, when I lessen my shifts and take time off work. I am so tired, I just end up sitting at home doing nothing. OR I am still busy, backlogged with mail, meetings, interviews, editing takes too long that once I get started, I just get tired.

And....theres one thing thats been on my mind for over a year now......
I honestly have a huge huge issue.

I hate the place I live.

I realized. Even though I am so busy, even though I am so backed up.

I have to come to terms with reality.

I hate the place I live.
It honestly depresses me.

I have talked about wanting to move, months after I moved in.
Theres too many problems with the current house. Its expensive, odd empty space in the middle of the house, not enough sunlight. I hate that so much. Even more, its on the first floor, meaning the cars blow dirt on the balcony, I can't hang laundry outside.....something I love doing.

I can't even plant a garden outside.
All I can think of inside my head is how amazing my place is gonna be in future. How I want to move into a nice place with a million windows.

I have stopped buying stuff.
I don't want to buy more.
I used to have a table but I got rid of it.
I hate my computer desk and I want to get rid of it.
Its small.
I bought it thinking it was so big, but when it arrived, it was so small.
My couch? It was softer in the store but its so hard. It is over 2 years old now and its still hard......I am so upset.

Anyways, I am the type of person who doesn't have much feeling to do much when I am in a place I am unhappy with. So I wanted to let you guys know that. It is so hard to want to make videos inside my house, because I always think "my next house in future will be better so what is the point to make these stupid videos now???"........bleh.

I am sorry if you guys notice this lack of energy and happiness in my current videos. It is seriously a struggle. To prevent this negative energy passed into my videos, I started to make videos less. I know that many people are counting on me to make more videos often, but I don't want to pump out terrible videos. So please be aware of this problem, and please know that I will try my best to make videos, even though there won't be videos daily.

We will get through these dark times.

Nov 20, 2016

Butthurt....when they get butthurt

One thing about being a YouTuber, we can look up our own stats to see where people are viewing, where people are disliking. Where people watch the most. This is a graph of the views I get on my channel, how much % come from which country. 31% of my audience comes from Japan.

Well I am going to be straight up, this blog is a response to a sad individual who made a rant about me. My purpose to upload this is to inform the individual that not only were they wrong, but their obsession and actions are not helping them.

And its to let me fans out there know, these people exist and if you are dealing with haters, not to be put down.

(note) See haters often think when I make responses to haters such as the "your Japanese sucks video" or "are gaijin who come here losers" videos, that I am just crying and should ignore the hate....welll no you see. Standing up and talking about the negative things in this way DOES help other people.   I make these videos for other people.
I get mail all the time from people asking advice on how to deal with bullies, or have in the past thanked me for my video that actually gave them confidence. So yeah...imma keep doing that.

(BACK HISTORY) So theres this hater who seems to be festering over me for sometime. I gained knowledge of their existence when they sent me a illegible tweet of an image, which looked like some test questions. It was multiple choice questions. The person in the test name was "kana". The hater had said this image reminded me of them. Which I had said well sometimes people call me kana, but its actually kanadajin3 kanada-jin-3. kana is not a name its not short for anything. kanada as a whole means Canada. etc.
The user then said that "no choice number D matches you", as in my personality. Which I didn't get it. Like really, the picture had nothing to do with me. Which is not uncommon for haters to associate values of stuff that doesn't apply to me.
One of my fav is "she hopes nobody comes to Japan, her beloved land all to herself".....

So anyways, the multiple choice question said something about "my beliefs for the superiority for my culture".....DAFAQ. So I told them, like I think all cultures are =. I don't think anything is more superior. Like this user completely has invented some kinda theory or personality they think is attached on me, based on their own thinking. I multiple times say I believe in =. Anyways, used then said it was a Joke they were jk. Then I said yeah well I didn't get it. After then they went on a spamming spree sending me quotes from hate forums. Bingo. Yeah naw. Ain't got time for that. Blocked and life goes on. 
I get a "anonymous fan who just needs to tell me" ie: a hater who sends me the link in the mail. (they also actually often do this, little do they know, I can see when they liked the page and any past hate they have sent me....why do they even bother to pretend. Can't the be more bold? like "hey b imma buthurt hater making a buthurt response video to you notice me sempai". That takes guts. They don't have.
So I grab some mikans (sorry no popcorn here :(   ) and start to watch. Hoping this is better than the last NUTJOB who made a video about me. The day I watched those videos I had to stop, it just was too much crazy in one shot.
So in response to the video. The girl refers to my blog where I just mention where my views come from. Though it changes month to month. Currently 31% from Japan, at the time of the blog 25% from Japan. And her response to this simple bit of into.
"Theres no way in hell!! NO WAY IN HELL!!".....

ummm.. okay lady. Well. Theres my stats. I don't know what is so unbelievable. I have all Japanese subtitles, I am featured on several different Japanese TV shows. People who talk about Japan generally have Japanese viewers. Even have a channel for only Japanese speakers no subs...
Then she goes on to insult my viewers.....  "I am sure her viewers are all weeaboos"... here we go again..
A very low self esteemed person, tries to insult others. We always see this. People get called these names and think "no I am not a weeaboo, I know tons about Japan, see look!! I know this and that! how dare you! I will show you I am more knowledgeable by insulting others who have interest in Japan, because nobody can be as good as me! rawr!".  No, normal people don't go insulting others.

And yet again 99% of the time I see someone even try to use such word....why does their room always look like this?  <<

Also funny side note, She felt the need to include Japanese in title, dispite yah no, ain't no Japanese be watching me. :P
She then goes on about how I mentioned the Toilets in Sweden you have to pay for, vs in Japan it is free......  lol and?
I am sorry lady do you have honestly anything valuable to say? Like what is the point? Oh wait it comes. "because its free in America and pretty sure other places".................  *clap....clap..........clap*.
I love how haters often complain about the stuff I say, as if I am saying "Japan is the only place its free". I covered this in a video called "do YouTubers generalize Japan". Its where I talk about how all the haters go on and on about how I say 1 thing and am talking about another thing, and when they have too over used my spelling and have nothing else to complain about, they complain about stuff I said as if I said other stuff.... (did that make sense).
Like lady. Yeah. Its free in America...Canada.. But in Europe, in some places you have to pay. I never said "oh yeahhh Japan is da best!! zomg so free!! hahahha world sucks!! only Japan good!!".. Nope. I am simply making a comparison between Japan and Sweden. Nothing else. I didn't mention, nor do I know what it is like in the other 200s of countries we have on this planet. Nor is it relevant to the blog.
Her camera breaks. Odd music changes. She starts reading more parts of my blogs looking at the camera as if anyone in the audience other than a hater, would understand what is wrong with this???.........umm....okay?
She then makes a point where she things its hypocritical to say "I am glad to be out of Canada now" right after saying I think =ally of all countries. Well.
I don't understand what is hypocritical of that. I still think Canada is =. Nothing makes my first statement untrue.
The current situation, the drama, the fights, the riots, the culture of Canada, The situation with trump. All the news I am seeing, I am glad to be out of Canada. This doesn't mean I think the country is not =. If someone likes Canada, you won't see me holding a pitch fork!! ZOMG WHYYYY Japan so bettaaaaa!!! zomggggggggg  *stabby stab stab*. naw.
I think people have their own likes and dislikes.
Needs and wants.
Their own freedom and choice.
They can like whatever or wherever they want and I am happy for them.
Thinking things were weird when I was in Canada doesn't go against me thinking = of all countries. Thinking = of all countries means you don't think your country is better than others. I may like countries more than others, have countries I rather go to more than others, food of cultures I may like more, but it doesn't mean imma sit here "thinking my culture is more superior", like you originally "joked" about me thinking.
She then goes on about my speech about Trump. Looking into the camera reminding me I am "Kanadajin3"....I guess shes trying to say vaguely "You aint from America or live here so doesn't revolve around you".  An argument maybe someone who is undereducated about other countries may make, fair enough ......maybe you are unaware.
The USA president, affects the entire world.
In Japan, with trump as president, 2 major things are affected. Our trade with America (big market, yeah that could fk up our economy). They have already been talking on the news about how it could be too hard to expensive to export if the tax is going to be so high.   And another is the Japanese naval bases that are protecting Japan from North Korea and China (the countries that you know, often like to toss missiles towards us as tests).
The NICHIBEI KANKEI (relation between Japan and America) is very important for our safty and economy. So yeah. I am interested.
You mention when I lived in Canada, Harper was in control.. but you say it as if I liked him??? Or was for his wanting to force Muslim women not to wear Niqab.
Lady, I don't agree with Harpers racist agenda either.And no, its not relevant to be commenting on Harper, in 2016. Because its 2016. You have NO CLUE what opinions I had on the Canadian election in Canada AT THAT TIME. because I was NOT ON YOUTUBE.Where is the logic. Honestly.
She then questions "where have you had all the time to read all the trump stuff going on between YouTubeing and Waitress"......ummm. Really?

I am so confused when haters assume that they know what people do in their past time. Despite the fact that I watch the news (yes, we cover the American election too), you would literally have to live on a remote island, to not have a clue what is going on in the American election right now and over the past year. It is all over Twitter, Facebook, how can you NOT know?.

Okay lets wrap this up.  She ends her video talking about my part on feminism. Snickering "yes feminism was a thing, its been a thing since 1800s).   Dang son, I didn't know you lived in Canada..cause this whole time I thought you said you lived in America.......... *djhorn*.  Her whole video argument is how I shouldn't comment on American stuff cause I am Canadian, but now she is jumping INTO MY PERSONAL LIFE EXPERIENCES. And telling me what I have and have not experienced.
One thing thats wrong with the world is people who attack others personal experiences. Like literally, do you think I am sitting here "hehehehhe imma lie to everyone and say feminism wasn't a thing heheheheheh". No. It literally wasn't. I think what you are mentioning is first and second wave feminism, what I am talking about, is third wave feminism.  Aka tumblr come to real life? lol sorry. All jokes aside though.
I have been seeing the crazy news articles, YouTube videos being covered about these crazy feminists with crazy views. And the increase in YouTubers having their whole channel dedicated to feminism, and to combat that, the anti-feminist videos and anti-feminist channels and the "this is getting out of hand" videos from nutural people.

It wasn't till Philip Defranco started covering these topics did I realize "hey maybe this is a mainstream thing".  Cause literally, if as a kid you had these batshit crazy ideals that women need safe spaces or theres too much violence in video games, or its sexist that women are drawn sexy, that women are just such targets in society. 

And its true, My entire 21 years of living in Canada, I have NEVER once experienced such, and never once have I met a "feminist". So no, it wasn't a thing when I was growing up. There was no hot topic videos about it, no crazy viral posts online. We lived in peace where we could see sexy women in videos and video games without some buthurt lady whining about it.
I honestly have watched a lot of the "third wave feminist" arguments, and I find them sexist as fk. Down straight out sexist.

So yeah, Feminism wasn't a thing when I was a in Canada. It is a recent topic in recent years that has blown up. How are you to tell me that this is wrong, when it is based on my life experience?
And this is what you deal with being a YouTuber kids ^^. Waking up to fake emails linking you to odd video responses. Personally I just wrote this blog for no other reason than I thought, writing a comment to this girl could give her same opinion, but I rather get paid for it. See what I just did there....? :P
And cause I wanted to show her, doubting where someones view audience comes from, has honestly gotta be one of the saddest "jabs" you gotta take at someone.
One of the oddest things in the world is when you have someone who is negatively obsessed with you, but doesn't have a reason. like a real reason.
Maybe she is upset I live in Japan, maybe upset I have more views than her and she thinks her topics are more valuable? who knows. But whatever it is, people end up festering and boiling inside over someone elses simple life.
It is the way it is, otherwise she would at least have some point of value to add to the conversation. I often get wonderful points that are valid arguments in the comments. But then I often get people complaining about a. my personal experiences apparently being not true. b.things they think I think but don't. and then it always includes at least 1....but her fans are just weeaboos. and if not weeaboos its stupid.
No. You just have a negative personality that is preventing you to be positive and have a logical conversation with someone you disagree with. And that person just banked on that. And the fans who are interested in hearing stories of crazy haters, just enjoyed another story...hopefully with popcorn.
Everything is better with popcorn.

Oct 31, 2016

5 years ago I was ...

 5 years ago this is my halloween costume. My ex husband though it was a cool idea so we both dressed as zombie dead ghost geisha. Got a parasol from Toronto China town, cut holes into it. Bought two fake silk yukata robes and covered them in spiders and blood.

5 years ago is the last year I went trick or treating.

I remember as a kid I used to get bags and bags full. My mom used to make costumes for me, every year. I was a popcorn box, rain cloud, present, cherry tree, bag of leaves. Her costumes were always original. Halloween was my favorite holiday. I won a costume contest one year and got 100$ and 10 free pizzas.
This is my best friend. I knew her since high school, grade 9 math class I turned around to borrow a pencil and she gave it to me. I was super shy. We didn't talk, but somehow, we became friends. Her locker was beside me because she was also in my science and tech class.

She has skipped school with me, transfers schools with me, traveled with me, lived with me twice. We have done it all and seen it all.

Even though we are 14 hour plane rides away, we still are best friends.

I remember every halloween we went trick or treating together. Even when I moved to Toronto, she still came to visit me and I went to visit her.

This is 5 years ago but at the start of that year. Star of 2011. Me and my friend from grade school.

Some of my funniest memories with her are when we used to record videos together at her house in gr 8-9. Prank videos. She had a digital video camera, this is when they just started coming out. We would dress up weird and scare our friends, make these crazy videos.

We would spend weeks at each others house planning weird videos and doing this. It was so fun.

 Lets go back to 7 years ago. This is where I used to work. I was the boss. I had an amazing office space. My desk was amazing. You could hang up pictures, bring your work, bring decors. I had my own slippers and stuff. I wanted to bring a plant but then I left working there.

I remember walking into the office, picking up my head set. Listening to customers voices playing back on our auto recorders. Knowing all departments for our building and all gas and electricity utilities info and numbers memorized.

Best job I had. The best job in Canada. I wish things with that company didn't have to change. People in upper management went downhill.

I wonder what things would be like if things didn't go down hill. Would I be head of the whole floor? Would I be in some other branch? Would I be in same office? Would I have that plant on my desk?

 This is my friend. We met at work. I was really shy in the start but we ended up talking everyday. Laughing. Going on the bus.Going out to eat. Even after she left the company we still kept in touch. I feel really bad because last time I went to Toronto she wanted to see me but I couldn't. I didn't have enough time. The thing that sucks is having to worry about time and getting around. Having only 15 hours in Toronto isn't enough.

 Our world is so small, but when it comes to seeing those people you want to see. Its too big. Its big and far and stretched out. We need more time.

This is 5 years ago now again. 5 years ago just a few days before Halloween. I climbed this tree, took this picture to say "look at me, this is what I used to do as a kid here". I was moving in a few days. Moving to a new city. Tokyo.

Did you know when I moved to Toronto my grandma called me and she said to me

"Mira do you like the big city? You seem to like it more, and you are enjoying life".

I remember telling her. I loved Toronto. I was either gonna live in biggest city in Canada, or biggest city in the world.

Well. I was right.

5 years later.  I am here, Living in Tokyo. The biggest city in the world.
More than 5 years ago, without even having any interest or knowledge that I would be moving to here, I knew it.

5 years ago. I was just a regular Canadian girl.
My fav song was "sexy bitch". My fav club was guverment.
My fav food was beef paddies from islington station
My fav store was abercrombie and fitch.
Fav. Game was COD.
Fav. tv show was family guy.
I had an Iphone 3.
Taro bubble tea.
Jerk Chicken
Ice cap
Pizza poppits
Rice a roni
Clam chowder
Canned fish
Arizona green tea
Coconut water
Ginger beer
Curry goat
Peas and rice
Samosas from rabba
Busses at 2 am, Street cars at 4 am.
Buying go tickets to port credit, but getting off in clarkson.
Buying tickets to the ex, but getting off at Union.
Holding your breath as you go through to the greyhound, between atrium on the bay.
New york fries.
Fries supreme
California rolls
Looking out at the sun rise.
Day light saving time
Skype calls with mom
In the groove
Getting cold. Sun goes down, but at 6pm.
Leaves go away without noticing it.
Then you see pumpkins left and right.
knock knock.
Trick or treat.
5 years ago.
And now......

Oct 15, 2016

Addressing the Elephant in the room..why I went to Sweden last year

I don't know how anyone can call it an Elephant really. In fact NOBODY questions me. I went to Sweden and Finland for over a month and a half last year and swiftly got away with not uploading a single video , despite filming quite a few.

Fun fact, 32% of audience is from Japan, 28% is from Japan and even though Sweden makes up 3% of my views, it honestly feels like all my viewers come from there because one of the only people who point out which country they are from, Is Swedish viewers. I constantly get comments about "here in Sweden" even if the video isn't directly about Sweden.  Also fun fact, 50% of my haters are Swedish.....odd.

Well lets carry on.

So this is me in Göteborg. If you don't speak Swedish you might wonder where is this......well this is the proper word for the city "gothamburg" dafaq! I was shocked to find out that this citys name is changed in English, even the Japanese word for this city is same as Swedish.

 So this food here is called Marsipan. Its super common at Christmas in Sweden..and sadly I had no idea what this was, thinking it was a Swedish only thing but when trying to tell my mom about this she seemed to already know and I felt like...where have I been sleeping under a rock?...oh well kinda :P

So this is a typical breakfast...well without the berries on the bread, that was my own invention. I couldn't stop eating the vinbär berries which are these small little red ones. Every time we went to grocery store I would get these ^^
 Check this out! Its Mcdonalds! This is in Stockholm station. My mom actually didn't believe this was real because it was so different. To be honest remind me of Toronto. I thought it was cool even though I actually didn't eat Mcdoanlds in Sweden at all.

But I did use the bathroom at one, I think in fact I wasted all my money on going to the bathroom. Yeah thats right. You gotta pay to enter...daym.
In Japan its so easy to use the bathroom, since its free and at all stores and stations mostly all free to use.

See this guy...This is a basket weaver. Yeah. That is epic right there. If I had bigger luggage I would have bought one. This is just so cool. He literally was making these! right there! in the cold!! for the 1.5 hours of daylight Sweden gets in the Winter!! That is so cool.

One thing that sickened me though, is this talk of the immigrants and racism towards refugees. FYI. Get off my channel if you don't like immigrants because guess what.


Its actually sad that I get these types of comments all the time, and its even so common its transferring to irrelevant irresponsible ill though ted racist Japanese people who possibly unknowingly are repeating the racism that others spew.
"Europe has gone to shit" "look at what happened to Europe"
Yeah I am sorry, unless by gone to shit you really mean, gone to shit with the racism against immigrants, then theres no need to continue speaking to me.

The sad thing is, they don't mean that. :/

People warned me of seeing dirty homeless immigrants "ruining their culture" and committing crimes.   Naw.

What I did see is hundreds of human beings, out in the cold, in blankets taking in donations from more fortunate people who have kind hearts. I included.
I am all for giving food and money to the less fortunate. It takes a lot of guts for me to go up to a stranger, especially since its a different language, but I managed to give my leftover meal to people every time. They were so sweet and happy. Seeing their eyes lit up with tears.

You know how much food is wasted? You get this over sized meal, eat half and get full. I say next time you done eating, don't throw it away but give it to someone else. Theres no use throwing that out, thats perfectly good food.

In Japan, the concept of giving food to homeless people is unheard of. Homeless don't even beg. However, this doesn't mean that homeless don't take donations.  The proper way to give something to a homeless person in Japan is to leave it near them. Like a bottle of water or bag of chips etc. Placing it near them would be the proper way of going about it.

Back to Sweden

The sun doesn't come up...
In some areas it truly doesn't come up. But even in the middle to southern parts of Sweden where I was. The sun....didn't come up.

On finally a day where it wasn't cloudy, you can see the sun here. This picture was taken at 1:30pm.

Its not even as if the sun is just up in the sky for a few hours. But the sun literally doesn't go UP! in the sky. It sits along the horizon. Such a weak sun.


Because even as a white skinned human, I got sick.
I felt sleepy. Depressed. Down. No energy. Like I was asleep.
It was hell.  Imagine waking up, yawning and ready to go back to sleep.
They sell pills and special lamps to help you get vitamins from light.
I felt like a day gecko inside a tank.

The sun is truly our one and only god. Without it you die.

So anyway, lets answer the question.

< Well aside from seeing the northern lights, eating Christmas food, having angry deer throw Christmas presents at me, Watching Donald duck, Watching people get married and drinking Glögg.

I went to Sweden for no other reason than I was invited. :P

Yeah I am kinda random. And though I love traveling within my own country more than abroad. I am completely up for a random long trip in another country if I am not alone. I almost went to Thailand that same May, and the only reason I didn't is because I had to save that money for Hokkaido trip. Too bad cause my friends fun stories of jumping off rocks into the water and eating amazing thai food then spending nights on the toilet sounded fun.

It was a "why not" trip.
Its not like I have any interest in Sweden or Swedish culture. And despite knowing a lot of Swedish words and phrases (thats from it being picked up from those around me who speak Swedish), I don't have an interest in Sweden. I don't mean that as an insult, please don't burn me with candles and toss Christmas stars in my hair ^^

Will I go again, highly likely.
Did I have fun, yes.
Do I recommend it as a tourist country, No.
Was it nice, yes.

Did this blog satisfy you.......nej...kanske inte

Oct 11, 2016

I have never really been "proud" not to live in North America till now...

So as most of you know I was born in Canada and immigrated to Japan in 2011. I decided a few years ago I wanted to live here forever and I have also decided over a year ago that November I will become Japanese.

I often get these odd comments on my channel saying that I must "hate Canada in order to give up my citizenship" (required by Japanese law to become Japanese) . I think its silly. Why does one hate a country if they chose to live in another? We are not bound to like our birth countries, and living in another simply doesn't mean we don't like the other. I even made a video laughing at all the odd comments I get where people think I hate Canada. If it isn't already obvious, I don't.

In fact, I never once in my life disliked living in Canada.  I consider myself a person who was a very patriotic person living in Canada. Heck, my user name on YouTube which I chosen while still living in Canada was "Canadian 3".

I find it quite an odd thing that there are people who bound people to countries or citizenship as if its any more important than a city or street they lived on. If you can move around freely in your own country without being called a CITY HATER!!! Then why do people do it with countries? And at the end of the day what IS wrong with disliking a country you were born in? You didn't chose to be born there. Its inevitable.

Whats even more funny is those who think I think higher of Japan, think I am better cause I live here, and that everything about Japan is better than the rest of the world. lol.

These people haven't watched a single video of mine have they....

I think = of ALL countries. Just like one can have their own likes in music and food, one can have their own preferences in where they want to live.

Moving on.

Never have I once thought "sure glad to get away from Canada". Till now :/

Last time I went there, sure things were weird. I have got so used to Japan that Canada is completely foreign. Their ideas, style, thinking way is soooo different I couldn't live in such society. Jee, the simplest things mind boggled me, such as the "its okay to blast music during the day" to "casually chatting with customer while other customers are lined up and no sorry" to "you don't scream EXCUSE ME to the waiters"....honestly that last one......I can't even understand how western people expect the waiter to come because I can't even REMEMBER what I used to do. It is so normal to raise hand and say EXCUSE ME! across the room that I can't remember any other way of life.

But all culture differences aside. Its the chaos that makes me truly proud not to live there.

This whole Trump stuff going on. The fact that some insane racist person is even on the stand to become president... God when I lived in Canada Obama won with his uniting speech of what the American people CAN do. And Trumps speeches seem to be about locking up Muslims, building walls and shoving out immigrants. I know that American president doesn't control Canada but the western views is very tied together and Trump very well would influence how the actual people in Canada act and the very thought of being so close to such society freaks me out.

Social Justice warrior and "trigger warnings" thing going on. When I lived in Canada, Feminism wasn't a thing. In fact, meeting many people from Europe when moving to Japan, I was shocked at how sexist they thought Canada was. In Canada its very similar to Japan except instead of a "stay at home mom" its called a "housewife". And instead of sitting on the couch and expecting the husband or kids to help clean and heating up an instant meal, shes spending hours cooking and cleaning daily.  And no, I don't mean to bash on westerners, its a culture difference and I am looking at it from a Japanese point of view.
Oh wait should I have added a trigger warning.....forgive me, I aint from around here I dono how to use these things.....

Anyways, watching these viral videos about crazy feminists, crazy anti cultural appropriation nazis ect, made me very confused. I thought to this stuff really going on? How is this a thing? What the hell happened to the Canada I used to live in??!!

I asked around with some of my Canadian friends and low and beyond. It is a thing.

Looking at it from the standpoint of someone who doesn't live there, it really looks chaotic.

You got millions of people screaming racist slurs and saying to ban religions, ban immigrants etc. And another group screaming that men are bad and just saying hello to a women is sexist or clapping near someone....yeah clapping is bad......

What happened to the country I was born in. Bleh.
Never been so proud to live in Japan till now.

Well thats just what I have been thinking of, I will leave this post with fun memorial pictures of me living in Canada.

Bonus pic ^^  This is the life humans should return to really. Hunting, Fishing and gathering your own stuff ~ I sure might not be able to live in the whack Canadian society. But I would trade Canadian wilderness over Japanese wildness ANYDAY <3

Sep 17, 2016


I should be sleeping right now. I just got home. I mean plopped on the bed, and while waiting for these pictures to upload, put aloe lotion on my intense sunburns. For some stupid reason I thought, its fall, no need for sun protection :/ Well, now I have a bunch of odd shaped patterns on my skin where the fake tattoos and stickers I had were....

Anyway. My first ULTRA
DAY 1!

I wanted to go to ultra 2 years ago, but I actually didn't even know about ULTRA till 1.5 weeks after it happened. I wanted to see my fav. DJ, MARTIN GARRIX!.

The next year, he didn't play so I didn't bother.
The second the lineup was released I bought the advanced tickets for Saturday....To only find out months later by my coworker, EVERYDAY IS DIFFERENT LINEUP!! Martin doesn't play Saturday, he plays Monday. I had to buy more tickets..

So today the main star was DJ snack and Deadmau5. I am going to walk you through today's "happenings" as we call them in Japanese before I forget everything as I pass out from over exhaustion and dehydration.

The LINE : The line was large, but moved fast, I wasn't in the line more than 35 mins, well, the official line. :/  You see, my ticket was actually detached because I was clumsy, found out at the gate I had to go around to a tent for them to check my ticket. THAT line was 6 people ahead of me and took 40 mins!  Finally I get in.

The layout : It was nice. There was lots of VIP areas where you could walk by and wish you had VIP. You could sit in the park area, grass or on the pavement.

The food: The food....was lacking. There wasn't so much options other than fired chicken, meat on sticks, pizza. The pizza was good, but later in the night I had hot dog and fries. The fries were SO BAD. They were cold! I took a bite and said no, I went back and asked them to re-heat them. I never am one to complain about food, but this was non-edible cold. Its like they were cooked hours ago...They remade them but even then the taste was so so. The hot dog was also quite gross.

A man tried to cheat me out 100yen (1$) change! : I ordered two waters. They cost 400 yen together, I handed the guy 1000 yen bill, and was supposed to get 600 yen back. He picked up a 500 yen coin and a 100 yen coin, and voiced "heres 600yen back", but he placed the money into my hand, holding onto the 100yen coin, then putting it back in the cash!!!!!!!!!!! I was shocked. I mentioned right 100yen and he said sorry, and looked embarrassed or shocked like my bad, you caught me. :/ Its not even as if it was accident. It was weird. Not often in Japan doest this happen, but the typical "hey heres the wrong change , lets see if you notice" scam happens sometimes even in other countries.

STUPID smoking idiot in the crowd: Some English speaking people were in the middle of the crowd crouching down, SMOKING!!. Its not allowed. Theres a smoking area in the middle of the main stage. Its not just to prevent others from smelling it, its to prevent burning people!! which is far more likely than anything else. Thousands of people bumping and grinding, its no telling when someone can come crashing into you. Those idiots put everyone at risk because they are too lazy to obey a simple rule. I gave them the look of shame, and stood there in disgust long enough to over hear their conversation "don't let the Japanese security see you, they strict on rules! they will come down on your ass ~~ blablabla".

ANTI kissing girls:  So you must know theres no culture of PDA here, its quite odd and lots of people don't wanna see. But never have I seen someone voice what I was thinking lol.  Some couple in front of me started making out. The girls beside me said "oh someone is bero chuu -ing". bero chuu is like toung kiss, the image that comes to mind is so gross. They went on about how gross it was. I was surprised, because they actually said it quite loud.

The fashion. So like all Electronic music festivals, you will have people dressed in typical raver, mild raver, EPIC kandi kid, cyber goth and then just crazy stuff.

I never am the one to take pictures with a stranger, but this I needed too!  PIKACHU DEADMAU5!

There was lots of different deadmau5s head costumes walking around, at least 7 different patterns.

Other random costumes I saw was "the gene" from Aladdin, A couple of bananas, Monkey man, A wedding dress girl, bunch of men in thongs, bunch of women in thongs. The most epic was a complete LADY GAGA silver look alike , I swear it looked like lady gaga, the costume was so epic.

Those were the most crazy or original I could remember. The most common pattern was NATIVE NORTH AMERICAN. Of course lots of girls had the stickers which you can buy at most stores, feathers and tribal patterns, but they had warrior paint and headdresses, often tribal looking or islander clothing. I must have seen at least 30 different headdresses.

Then we got the neon sexy bikinis or sexi rave clothes? I don't know how to explain. I wonder where they got it. Plenty of girls walked by in these neon green or yellow or pink outfits that were like little sexi underwear and a bra thats barely a bra lol.

The most common make up was diamonds or other jewels around the eyes, glitter on the cheeks instead of blush or native tribal stripes on face.

THE MUSIC: So the music was good, but deadmau5 should have known his audience, or read the air in his audience a little more. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am sure everyone who loves him loved it. But you could really see the crowd die down too prematurely for the end of the night. He kept repeating similar sounding tunes over and over again, you could see people stop dancing, turn more to playing on their phones or socializing (and I was at the front). A once hard to get to front was now full able to walk to.   The crowd only went YEAAAAA when the lights went from dark for a while to explosions, but then the same tune would play. I didn't stay around long enough to see if he even played his most famous songs.

Well, the whole experience was awesome! but MONDAY! MARTIN GARRIX WILL MAKE JAPAN TURN INTO FKIN ANIMALS!!! DADA DAD ADADA DAD AD ADA  *falls asleep*

Aug 24, 2016

So Mira will have "half Japanese babies"? :/ is that?

Since I am an immigrant from another country, I often get comments of people talking about my future kids. Some in a friendly way, some in a derogatory way, but none the less, today I am talking about those who refer to my kids as "half Japanese".

I am not going to pretend I live in the perfect world where humans stop labeling our self into "mixed blood" "half race" "mixed" etc. and have no clue what they are talking about.

But I am also not going to keep playing the riding backwards train and slowing down our human growth and use the term.

I don't use the term half Japanese.

I don't use the word mixed blood.

I am a human. My kids will be human.
They will be born in Japan, raised here, and have Japanese citizenship (given by me since I plan to become Japanese in November). so, they will be Japanese kids. I have already made a video owning the fools who think otherwise, so I am not going to go down that road.

But today I am talking about the people who say, well okay, they will be half white.

Half white? As if white is some new animal species? We are all human, the same thing. Will they also be half green eyes or half brown hair? No, you don't say that. The more I study about humans, learn about the history of racism or why we lable ourselves into race groups, the more I want to barf.

We are human. Theres no such thing as half this or that.  You are half your mom, half your dad. You will look like your mom, and look like your dad. If they end up having black skin, brown eyes, then they have black skin brown eyes. Thats their physical appearance. They will be what you see. And thats it.

I couldn't give a crap care in the world what colour my kids skin colour is any more than their hair or eye. It is all the same to me.  The one thing that stops us from defeating racism, is the fact that we keep using race to group humans.

It gives us the false sense that it is some genetic difference. IT IS NOT.
Theres no such thing as black blood. Theres no such thing as the white gene.
You are your mom, and dad. What ever they looked like is what you will look like. 

Race is a concept invented in the middle ages to group people by physical appearance. All humans have the same ancestors, the difference is we moved to different areas of the world, evolving and adapting to our environment. If I moved off on to an island with 10 people, and we bread for 400 years, the descendants on that island will all look similar, 1000 years later, our new colony will still look similar. And if you compair those people to a group of people on another island, we will look similar. Thats called a gene pool. But it doesn't mean we are some new thing. We are still the same humans. It just so happens we look alike because our close ancestors bread together.

Two people, both "white", can be genetically completely different in so many ways, way more than 1 white person and 1 black person, yet society socially doesn't think so. People act as if , omfg the black and white mix?! heaven forbid! oh god they created this new thing called the "mixed baby"!!!.

They created another human.
You only see such difference because you have been taught to think so. This thought process is false.

A white person, who has a large face, huge nose, blond hair, blue eyes, big lips, tall and big bones. Physically completely different than, for example me, a white person who is short, brown hair, green eyes, small nose and small skinny body, small lips. We are both genetically completely different. But because society labled us into the same "race", us two having a baby wouldn't make anything other than "another white baby". Thats just messed up thinking right there.

All babies are 50% mom and 50% dad. You will look like your parents. That is how genes work.

Any who I am ranting.

The point of this post is. No, I never in my life us the word half Japanese baby. or anything half baby. A baby is baby. Its gonna look like me and whoever daddy is. Whatever daddy looks like, that baby will still be Japanese because they will be born here. And I will never use the word half Japanese to them.

I think half Japanese should be a term only used to describe ACTUALLY someone who has two cultures. Like someone who lived in Japan, and another country.  I have met people like this. They actually act different, and still, over this term I rather say "Japanese and XXXX".  You can't put a measurement on how much of a culture you belong to. We are humans, not math formals.

And I don't mean to rain on people parades, as I know theres a huge "I am mixed and proud" movement to fight racism...but really I am not going to treat people differently. ALL HUMANS ARE MIXED. If you want to check your DNA you can see for yourself. All humans have close ancestors from many areas of the world you would be surprised. So the concept of being proud of ancestors from x y and z country is a little odd, seeing as we all have the same ancestors, and then you have to take into consideration, okay so your ancestors lived in x country....but what about their ancestors?
Why can't we just be proud of where we are??

Why do we have to see countries as borders of who we are? Countries are man made. You only form these identities based on where you live in the country...but what about state, province or prefecture??

Mixed Japanese? what about mixed Tokyo and okinawa? Tokyo and Iwate? Tokyo and Osaka person?

I mean, if its about cultural ancestry and what your ancestors did.
Why do we not state the cities our ancestors came from? Because not just country culture, but a cities culture is just as different, and sometimes even more different than border to border. :/

If you can be born in a city different from your parents or grandparents, and be proud to be from the city you were born in or live in.
Then why can't you be proud to be born in or live in the COUNTRY, that you live in.


Jul 22, 2016

PokemonGO ~ Late but will take over Japan ~ #worldexcersizepromotion

So as most of you know, PokemonGO game was super late to be released in Japan, even though Japan is the birthplace of Pokemon. It is not uncommon that we get things late but when I found this out it actually felt quite annoying and I was not the only one. Many other people here were saddened that almost all other countries were able to enjoy it before.

So I thought "thats neat" and wanted to try it out. I am not a big fan at all of iphone games at all. The screen is too small for me. I like to play games on the big screen. 

When I lived in Canada I played a game where you breed frogs, called pocket frogs. Since I like reptiles and amphibians it was the perfect game for me. It was a game where you breed different colours of frogs and combine them to make other types. You make a small habitat for them to live in. You can buy other rocks and plants etc, level up.

A few weeks ago a fan commented on a video and had one of these frogs as a DP, I thought thats soooooo neat!

Every other game I was interested in was on a computer. I rather play a game with a mouse than a finger or controllers, just me.

Since when I was a kid, pokemon was THE cool thing, and anyone else born in the 90s knows how famous it was in North America. In Japan everyone knows pokemon, they like the characters and think pokemon goods are cute, but surprisingly the number of people my age who actually actively watched pokemon is quite low.  In Canada it was a pandemic! The cool kids could name all 150 in a row. You played with little toys from walmart, I had maybe 30 different ones.

Anyways back to PokemonGO.   So, It finally comes in Japan and I go to download it. I have a Iphone4s (Grandma Mira). I don't know if thats the reason...but seeing as everyone around me can at least play it :'(.    It crashes, slow, freeze, GPS didn't even show where I was real time, and no pokemon for me :/   I got frustrated and deleted it. End of story.

My mom has been mailing me daily "you got it yet?" "you got it yet?" "why Japan no pokemon go?" "time to re-immigrate back to Canada". and other random things all 2 weeks.

She loves those interactive games, I remember when I lived in Canada and she got me to play farmville because she wanted someone to play with. She was the highest level you could go........rumour has it, she still plays.

Anyway, So I have lots of friends who are able to play it so I was lucky enough to hang out with them and they let me give it a try. To my surprise, 2 am theres TONS of people out playing.  Even at my restaurant a good chunk of customers playing, as many as 7 customers at a time :O

Now what do I think of the game after playing it?
I mean, its cool but something I get bored of really fast. Catch, walk, catch, walk. Its just throwing ball. I feel it would be cooler if you actually battled that pokemon WITH your pokemon.

I also think the function where you can see it is cool, but it  always appears straight in front of you, and it would be more cool if it was super advanced and actually was programed with the surroundings you are in . Example, if theres awall, it jumps on it etc....but that would take lots of programing I know, and quite hard to do.

In good news though. PokemonGO is genious !


This world, all around, needs more fitness.

They say due to trains/cars/elevators/computers/stuff being so close
We don't move enough. And I am not talking about skinny vs fat. Because being skinny or fat doesn't make you fit or not. FYI, I am super unfit. I can't walk up 1-2 stair cases without getting tired, that is a serious sign of being unfit.

A game forcing you to walk long distances? EXCELLENT. Theres already people who have been posting how long they walked now vs before pokemon go etc. Businesses are also getting a boost. Because it attracts people to go out and walk, and maybe end up in front of a store with a hot spot. In Japan, its McDonald's is a major sponsor and it really does attract tons of people...even at 2am!

Well, In the future I want to get a Iphone6plus? Is that what its called *adjusts hearing aid*. And hopefully they make a update or something so you can battle or so, because I think that would be a cool feature. If so, Maybe I would reconsider downloading it.

Jul 6, 2016

It is YUKATA TIME ★ summer in Japan

It is that time of the year again
Yukata is a type of summer kimono that we wear in Japan. Long ago this used to be the common summer wear for those who lived in the southern regions of Japan, Today its only accociated with "summer".
Summer in Japan has 3 important things.
Matsuri, Hanabi, Obon.
Festivals in Japan occur all year, but its a typical summerish thing for festivals to go on. And to a summer festival, people wear Yukata.
Fireworks in Japan only happen in the summer time, and unlike some countries we don't light them off to commemerate special days like new years etc, but they are set off as just firework events, sponsored by big companies now, and has always been a part of traditonal culture accross Japan and China (for those who don't know, fireworks origin is china)
Obon is often called the festival of the dead. It is time of year where theres Obon festivals heald, and people dance around in a circle (people I mean mostly women), theres traditional folk songs, drums and occationally bingo.
Obon is also the time of year where you go visit the graves of your loved ones who died. Currently I don't have any one close to me whom is burried in Japan, so instead of doing "ohaka mairi", I buy some jelly bellys and have some black tea , to remind me of my passed on relatives.

This is me 5 years ago when I first moved to Tokyo. I am wearing the very first Yukata I ever got (still have), bought to me by my dear friends. I don't have that obi anymore because it is a "manual" obi that just sticks on there, it broke over time but I have since then bought a new pink obi to replace it.
Yukata is something every girl should have at least 2 different colours. I honestly think Yukata should be mandatory to attend a festival or fireworks, but maybe I am just too keen on keeping tradtions alive. Ever since a kid I though it was normal to do what you are supposed to do at events.  Costumes on Halloween, Dress up at events where costume is needed, wear a facy dress to a wedding or prom, wear the Japanese soccer team shirt at soccer game etc.

Showing up not dressed takes all the fun out of it. But thats just me. It is the way my mom raised me. That whole go big or go home attitude.

 In the last 5 years I have owned 4 Yukatas. Two of them I bought myself.
This one here <  I almost went broke off of. I miscalculated how much money was in my bank and left myself with 22$ to my name after this one....but it was so pretty I just had to!!!

The one at the top of the page I just bought less than a week ago. I am really happy with it.. It has black and orange so I don't need to re-buy any geta or hair accessories because I already have a bunch with those colours.

1 Yukata was bought for me, but no picture was ever taken. It was bought by one of my old English students to me 3.5 years ago, but it was WAYYYYYYY too big!

I never knew Yukata could come in such size. but apparently they do. It wasn't just the length, but the shoulders were almost double me! It was a shame because it was a nice pattern. The student bought it so suddenly, I didn't try it on or even know they bought it. They just brought it to the lesson so it couldn't be helped.  Rule of thumb, never buy a present for someone that they need to try on, otherwise it might not be good size ^^.

This summer I am kicking it off. I love summer. Love the hot weather. Beach, Hiking, Festival, Fireworks! This is the good life ^^

So anyway, for those who are interested in buying Yukata and knowing how to put it on, I have two videos I made ^^