Aug 24, 2016

So Mira will have "half Japanese babies"? :/ is that?

Since I am an immigrant from another country, I often get comments of people talking about my future kids. Some in a friendly way, some in a derogatory way, but none the less, today I am talking about those who refer to my kids as "half Japanese".

I am not going to pretend I live in the perfect world where humans stop labeling our self into "mixed blood" "half race" "mixed" etc. and have no clue what they are talking about.

But I am also not going to keep playing the riding backwards train and slowing down our human growth and use the term.

I don't use the term half Japanese.

I don't use the word mixed blood.

I am a human. My kids will be human.
They will be born in Japan, raised here, and have Japanese citizenship (given by me since I plan to become Japanese in November). so, they will be Japanese kids. I have already made a video owning the fools who think otherwise, so I am not going to go down that road.

But today I am talking about the people who say, well okay, they will be half white.

Half white? As if white is some new animal species? We are all human, the same thing. Will they also be half green eyes or half brown hair? No, you don't say that. The more I study about humans, learn about the history of racism or why we lable ourselves into race groups, the more I want to barf.

We are human. Theres no such thing as half this or that.  You are half your mom, half your dad. You will look like your mom, and look like your dad. If they end up having black skin, brown eyes, then they have black skin brown eyes. Thats their physical appearance. They will be what you see. And thats it.

I couldn't give a crap care in the world what colour my kids skin colour is any more than their hair or eye. It is all the same to me.  The one thing that stops us from defeating racism, is the fact that we keep using race to group humans.

It gives us the false sense that it is some genetic difference. IT IS NOT.
Theres no such thing as black blood. Theres no such thing as the white gene.
You are your mom, and dad. What ever they looked like is what you will look like. 

Race is a concept invented in the middle ages to group people by physical appearance. All humans have the same ancestors, the difference is we moved to different areas of the world, evolving and adapting to our environment. If I moved off on to an island with 10 people, and we bread for 400 years, the descendants on that island will all look similar, 1000 years later, our new colony will still look similar. And if you compair those people to a group of people on another island, we will look similar. Thats called a gene pool. But it doesn't mean we are some new thing. We are still the same humans. It just so happens we look alike because our close ancestors bread together.

Two people, both "white", can be genetically completely different in so many ways, way more than 1 white person and 1 black person, yet society socially doesn't think so. People act as if , omfg the black and white mix?! heaven forbid! oh god they created this new thing called the "mixed baby"!!!.

They created another human.
You only see such difference because you have been taught to think so. This thought process is false.

A white person, who has a large face, huge nose, blond hair, blue eyes, big lips, tall and big bones. Physically completely different than, for example me, a white person who is short, brown hair, green eyes, small nose and small skinny body, small lips. We are both genetically completely different. But because society labled us into the same "race", us two having a baby wouldn't make anything other than "another white baby". Thats just messed up thinking right there.

All babies are 50% mom and 50% dad. You will look like your parents. That is how genes work.

Any who I am ranting.

The point of this post is. No, I never in my life us the word half Japanese baby. or anything half baby. A baby is baby. Its gonna look like me and whoever daddy is. Whatever daddy looks like, that baby will still be Japanese because they will be born here. And I will never use the word half Japanese to them.

I think half Japanese should be a term only used to describe ACTUALLY someone who has two cultures. Like someone who lived in Japan, and another country.  I have met people like this. They actually act different, and still, over this term I rather say "Japanese and XXXX".  You can't put a measurement on how much of a culture you belong to. We are humans, not math formals.

And I don't mean to rain on people parades, as I know theres a huge "I am mixed and proud" movement to fight racism...but really I am not going to treat people differently. ALL HUMANS ARE MIXED. If you want to check your DNA you can see for yourself. All humans have close ancestors from many areas of the world you would be surprised. So the concept of being proud of ancestors from x y and z country is a little odd, seeing as we all have the same ancestors, and then you have to take into consideration, okay so your ancestors lived in x country....but what about their ancestors?
Why can't we just be proud of where we are??

Why do we have to see countries as borders of who we are? Countries are man made. You only form these identities based on where you live in the country...but what about state, province or prefecture??

Mixed Japanese? what about mixed Tokyo and okinawa? Tokyo and Iwate? Tokyo and Osaka person?

I mean, if its about cultural ancestry and what your ancestors did.
Why do we not state the cities our ancestors came from? Because not just country culture, but a cities culture is just as different, and sometimes even more different than border to border. :/

If you can be born in a city different from your parents or grandparents, and be proud to be from the city you were born in or live in.
Then why can't you be proud to be born in or live in the COUNTRY, that you live in.