Oct 15, 2016

Addressing the Elephant in the room..why I went to Sweden last year

I don't know how anyone can call it an Elephant really. In fact NOBODY questions me. I went to Sweden and Finland for over a month and a half last year and swiftly got away with not uploading a single video , despite filming quite a few.

Fun fact, 32% of audience is from Japan, 28% is from Japan and even though Sweden makes up 3% of my views, it honestly feels like all my viewers come from there because one of the only people who point out which country they are from, Is Swedish viewers. I constantly get comments about "here in Sweden" even if the video isn't directly about Sweden.  Also fun fact, 50% of my haters are Swedish.....odd.

Well lets carry on.

So this is me in Göteborg. If you don't speak Swedish you might wonder where is this......well this is the proper word for the city "gothamburg" dafaq! I was shocked to find out that this citys name is changed in English, even the Japanese word for this city is same as Swedish.

 So this food here is called Marsipan. Its super common at Christmas in Sweden..and sadly I had no idea what this was, thinking it was a Swedish only thing but when trying to tell my mom about this she seemed to already know and I felt like...where have I been sleeping under a rock?...oh well kinda :P

So this is a typical breakfast...well without the berries on the bread, that was my own invention. I couldn't stop eating the vinbär berries which are these small little red ones. Every time we went to grocery store I would get these ^^
 Check this out! Its Mcdonalds! This is in Stockholm station. My mom actually didn't believe this was real because it was so different. To be honest remind me of Toronto. I thought it was cool even though I actually didn't eat Mcdoanlds in Sweden at all.

But I did use the bathroom at one, I think in fact I wasted all my money on going to the bathroom. Yeah thats right. You gotta pay to enter...daym.
In Japan its so easy to use the bathroom, since its free and at all stores and stations mostly all free to use.

See this guy...This is a basket weaver. Yeah. That is epic right there. If I had bigger luggage I would have bought one. This is just so cool. He literally was making these! right there! in the cold!! for the 1.5 hours of daylight Sweden gets in the Winter!! That is so cool.

One thing that sickened me though, is this talk of the immigrants and racism towards refugees. FYI. Get off my channel if you don't like immigrants because guess what.


Its actually sad that I get these types of comments all the time, and its even so common its transferring to irrelevant irresponsible ill though ted racist Japanese people who possibly unknowingly are repeating the racism that others spew.
"Europe has gone to shit" "look at what happened to Europe"
Yeah I am sorry, unless by gone to shit you really mean, gone to shit with the racism against immigrants, then theres no need to continue speaking to me.

The sad thing is, they don't mean that. :/

People warned me of seeing dirty homeless immigrants "ruining their culture" and committing crimes.   Naw.

What I did see is hundreds of human beings, out in the cold, in blankets taking in donations from more fortunate people who have kind hearts. I included.
I am all for giving food and money to the less fortunate. It takes a lot of guts for me to go up to a stranger, especially since its a different language, but I managed to give my leftover meal to people every time. They were so sweet and happy. Seeing their eyes lit up with tears.

You know how much food is wasted? You get this over sized meal, eat half and get full. I say next time you done eating, don't throw it away but give it to someone else. Theres no use throwing that out, thats perfectly good food.

In Japan, the concept of giving food to homeless people is unheard of. Homeless don't even beg. However, this doesn't mean that homeless don't take donations.  The proper way to give something to a homeless person in Japan is to leave it near them. Like a bottle of water or bag of chips etc. Placing it near them would be the proper way of going about it.

Back to Sweden

The sun doesn't come up...
In some areas it truly doesn't come up. But even in the middle to southern parts of Sweden where I was. The sun....didn't come up.

On finally a day where it wasn't cloudy, you can see the sun here. This picture was taken at 1:30pm.

Its not even as if the sun is just up in the sky for a few hours. But the sun literally doesn't go UP! in the sky. It sits along the horizon. Such a weak sun.


Because even as a white skinned human, I got sick.
I felt sleepy. Depressed. Down. No energy. Like I was asleep.
It was hell.  Imagine waking up, yawning and ready to go back to sleep.
They sell pills and special lamps to help you get vitamins from light.
I felt like a day gecko inside a tank.

The sun is truly our one and only god. Without it you die.

So anyway, lets answer the question.

< Well aside from seeing the northern lights, eating Christmas food, having angry deer throw Christmas presents at me, Watching Donald duck, Watching people get married and drinking Glögg.

I went to Sweden for no other reason than I was invited. :P

Yeah I am kinda random. And though I love traveling within my own country more than abroad. I am completely up for a random long trip in another country if I am not alone. I almost went to Thailand that same May, and the only reason I didn't is because I had to save that money for Hokkaido trip. Too bad cause my friends fun stories of jumping off rocks into the water and eating amazing thai food then spending nights on the toilet sounded fun.

It was a "why not" trip.
Its not like I have any interest in Sweden or Swedish culture. And despite knowing a lot of Swedish words and phrases (thats from it being picked up from those around me who speak Swedish), I don't have an interest in Sweden. I don't mean that as an insult, please don't burn me with candles and toss Christmas stars in my hair ^^

Will I go again, highly likely.
Did I have fun, yes.
Do I recommend it as a tourist country, No.
Was it nice, yes.

Did this blog satisfy you.......nej...kanske inte


  1. Love it !!! I really would like to go there at least once in my life.
    Thanks for sharing it !!!

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