Oct 11, 2016

I have never really been "proud" not to live in North America till now...

So as most of you know I was born in Canada and immigrated to Japan in 2011. I decided a few years ago I wanted to live here forever and I have also decided over a year ago that November I will become Japanese.

I often get these odd comments on my channel saying that I must "hate Canada in order to give up my citizenship" (required by Japanese law to become Japanese) . I think its silly. Why does one hate a country if they chose to live in another? We are not bound to like our birth countries, and living in another simply doesn't mean we don't like the other. I even made a video laughing at all the odd comments I get where people think I hate Canada. If it isn't already obvious, I don't.

In fact, I never once in my life disliked living in Canada.  I consider myself a person who was a very patriotic person living in Canada. Heck, my user name on YouTube which I chosen while still living in Canada was "Canadian 3".

I find it quite an odd thing that there are people who bound people to countries or citizenship as if its any more important than a city or street they lived on. If you can move around freely in your own country without being called a CITY HATER!!! Then why do people do it with countries? And at the end of the day what IS wrong with disliking a country you were born in? You didn't chose to be born there. Its inevitable.

Whats even more funny is those who think I think higher of Japan, think I am better cause I live here, and that everything about Japan is better than the rest of the world. lol.

These people haven't watched a single video of mine have they....

I think = of ALL countries. Just like one can have their own likes in music and food, one can have their own preferences in where they want to live.

Moving on.

Never have I once thought "sure glad to get away from Canada". Till now :/

Last time I went there, sure things were weird. I have got so used to Japan that Canada is completely foreign. Their ideas, style, thinking way is soooo different I couldn't live in such society. Jee, the simplest things mind boggled me, such as the "its okay to blast music during the day" to "casually chatting with customer while other customers are lined up and no sorry" to "you don't scream EXCUSE ME to the waiters"....honestly that last one......I can't even understand how western people expect the waiter to come because I can't even REMEMBER what I used to do. It is so normal to raise hand and say EXCUSE ME! across the room that I can't remember any other way of life.

But all culture differences aside. Its the chaos that makes me truly proud not to live there.

This whole Trump stuff going on. The fact that some insane racist person is even on the stand to become president... God when I lived in Canada Obama won with his uniting speech of what the American people CAN do. And Trumps speeches seem to be about locking up Muslims, building walls and shoving out immigrants. I know that American president doesn't control Canada but the western views is very tied together and Trump very well would influence how the actual people in Canada act and the very thought of being so close to such society freaks me out.

Social Justice warrior and "trigger warnings" thing going on. When I lived in Canada, Feminism wasn't a thing. In fact, meeting many people from Europe when moving to Japan, I was shocked at how sexist they thought Canada was. In Canada its very similar to Japan except instead of a "stay at home mom" its called a "housewife". And instead of sitting on the couch and expecting the husband or kids to help clean and heating up an instant meal, shes spending hours cooking and cleaning daily.  And no, I don't mean to bash on westerners, its a culture difference and I am looking at it from a Japanese point of view.
Oh wait should I have added a trigger warning.....forgive me, I aint from around here I dono how to use these things.....

Anyways, watching these viral videos about crazy feminists, crazy anti cultural appropriation nazis ect, made me very confused. I thought to myself.......is this stuff really going on? How is this a thing? What the hell happened to the Canada I used to live in??!!

I asked around with some of my Canadian friends and low and beyond. It is a thing.

Looking at it from the standpoint of someone who doesn't live there, it really looks chaotic.

You got millions of people screaming racist slurs and saying to ban religions, ban immigrants etc. And another group screaming that men are bad and just saying hello to a women is sexist or clapping near someone....yeah clapping is bad......

What happened to the country I was born in. Bleh.
Never been so proud to live in Japan till now.

Well thats just what I have been thinking of, I will leave this post with fun memorial pictures of me living in Canada.

Bonus pic ^^  This is the life humans should return to really. Hunting, Fishing and gathering your own stuff ~ I sure might not be able to live in the whack Canadian society. But I would trade Canadian wilderness over Japanese wildness ANYDAY <3


  1. Omg, THIS. The last part about the SJW's and stuff.

    I feel like it 'might' be youtube propaganda to get people riled up. The whole thing in Western culture right now is 'safe' spaces and trying to censor media and stuff. It's really fucked up.

    I think we're going to war soon. I was looking to see what's out there for jobs and I saw multiple postings for the Canadian reserves, offering free education, and good pay as long as you sign up for the military.

    We all know the Canadian gov't will fuck you over on those, they did it to my Grandpa and they'll do it to others!

    The scary part is that people in large groups are easy to enrage and thus control, there aren't enough individuals balancing it out right now...

    And especially because our economy is so flipping hosed right now, people are desperate for money and passed about that, they'll do anything as long as there is a bad guy to blame. Pretty sure the bad guy is ISIS, which is most of Saudi Arabia, when in reality the economic crash started in China.

    Western society funded ISIS as well, that's why if we took out ISIS, there would just be another group.

    Anyways /rant. This stuff passes me off, gonna move to Sweden, bahaha!

    1. Okay but Saudi Arabia isn't being controlled by ISIS. ISIS is a terrorist group which has been invading Syria. Out of all the countries, Saudia Arabia has nothing to do with ISIS. The word ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Heck even the founder was from Jordan. :/ I think you are a little bit misinformed about ISIS. But yes. ISIS is very bad and very dangerous.

  2. Western culture has over popularized being an extrovert which causes so much problems. I live in the US (Michigan) and I really think this election is a joke...I don't like either of them (Trump or Hillary). It's sad when you hear about people being shoved into a road for wearing an article of clothing showing who they support for the election... At the same time I think political views should be something deeply personal that you don't go around broadcasting.
    Japan has always seemed like one of those countries that's more soft spoken which I like. Don't blame you for loving it. ;)

    1. There is an old Chinese wisdom: the one who gives the first punch admits he is wrong.

  3. If people only would learn more about the real history, they would much better understand what's going on at the moment.
    From my point of view, only historywise I do understand the difference between the US and Canada. If I met a Canadian or an US Citizen in our town-centre, I could't see the difference.
    While in Europe the differences are much bigger.

    Like Kanadajin, I moved from my homecountry in to the UK. And when I did that, I was older than the author of this blogpost is right now.
    I did it for economic reasons. I would never asked for the british citizen-ship. Nor I hate the place in Germany where I am from originally. Actually, the opposite thing is the truth. Since I am out of my country I found the peace and silence in my sparetime to study about history of myself, my family, my hometown and the county I am from.
    And that makes me even more angry what is happening at the moment.
    Mira lives in a save place, in Japan. She has no clue what's really on with all this migrants at the moment. There are roads in London, UK, where you don't see any english person anymore on the road. But there are lots of people on the road.
    You don't need to speak for a religion ban if you learn what this muslim people are and how they did during the last 400 centuries only.

    And least but not last, Canada and the US are countries, made by imigrants as well... Due to some penpals with the US I know, there are people who are proud to unite 4 different nations or heritages.
    Fortunately I got the chance to read in old sources what did really happen in America during the 19th but also 18th century... There were hardworking people over there, but also those who were lazy and just tried to make money by doing fraud.
    Specially the irishs didn't have a good reputation at all...

    Still, I am interested to travel. But only to learn and to study how a country is and how people think and act like. Specially your "colleague" Japan Channel Dot Com spoke about things in Japan, that doesn't make it as a country for me where I would stay forever.

    I now think, my country is still one of the mostbeautiful. Nothing beats the Rhine-Valley, our sea-side and our mountain areas.

    This are my two pence, or yen if you like it more. Since I am in a similar situation, but in a different country.

    1. LOL
      Karsten, I agree with you on most parts, some parts I just don't know enough to say anyting sane about. Except: I was born and raised in the Rhine district/area (accurate translation unavailable) - only that is in Holland.
      As for Canada: on my visit to family in the West over there I was called 'bloody French' when talking in Dutch with my nephew (pardon my spelling).
      Lesson: ignorance is our worst enemy.

  4. I'm glad I don't have U.S. citizenship anymore and can't vote there: I think being involved in American politics these days would depress me.

  5. Hi, my name is Jasmine, and I understand exactly how you feel. My mother called me at 3am (from way downstairs) to tell me that Trump had won. At first I was going to just shrug it off because I want to move to Japan, and I know it sounds insensitive, but I've disliked America for a long time, and at this point, it didn't matter to me who won. But instead I cried, and I realized that I have to move to Japan as soon as possible. I've always wanted to be a manga artist since I was 6 years old, so now that I'm 20, I can finally try moving. I'm worried that Trump will ruin relations between Japan and America and somehow make it harder for me to move there, so I want to move as soon as possible.

    Anyway, the main thing I wanted to ask you is can you get a certificate of eligibility (for work visa) from an arubaito? I speak some Japanese (mostly slang from anime, although I've gotten much better), but I'm still not sure if it's enough to pass the N5. I would end up getting a job where I speak almost entirely English, but I want to have some control over when I work, and I know that the hours at a seishain in Japan can be really crazy (I recently read an article on "karoshi"). Is it possible that the reason why so many people say that you can only get an English teaching job is because it's the only one that will give you a certificate of eligibility?

    Thank you for your time.

  6. As a fellow Canadian, I have a hard time believing a lot of what you've written in this post. And as another world traveller, I have lived in other countries (currently Japan, but also Ireland) and experienced VERY different cultures, from all walks of life. But one thing I always enjoy, is coming back to Canada, where I was born and lived for 20 years, same as yourself. Although, it distresses me with the amount of generalisations you are making about Canadian culture. Not everyone will blast music as high as it can go (not socially acceptable where I am from anyway), chatting to other customers in line is considered friendly in Canada, and screaming EXCUSE ME to wait staff would be extremely rare and rude. And feminism wasn't a thing when you lived in Canada? Yes, it was. It has been around for decades. I can't honestly name one person that I have met in my 27 years, who is Canadian and a housewife. Once again, a generalisation. I have never, ever thought Canada was a sexist country. In fact, I believe we are quite the opposite. While not perfect, we are consistently striving to better ourselves as a country, and this includes women and human rights. Also, in regards to your comments about radical videos and groups, every country and every religion will have their radicals, but I think it unfair to judge people, countries, or organisations based on these groups. Because they are at the end of the spectrum and don't necessarily reflect the views of these people, countries, or organisations. Nothing happened to the Canada you lived and grew up in. You just have a different perspective from living in Japan. Things are done differently in both cultures. I am a proud Canadian living in Japan, and I accept both countries for their positives and negatives equally.

    1. Well, good for you. You feel like your birth country is your home. I feel like my home is where I live. Everyone is different. I think theres a video for you I made, its here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvNk4t6RYKA very good video, its a good reply to basically most of your post.

      Now here we have you, telling me, that my opinions based on MY ACTUAL LIFE EXPERIENCES, are false, just because you didn't have them . lmao. And you are basing your experiences off of....your own experiences......hmmm....logic.

      You mean to tell me, every single child you went to school with, every single mother you met, had a job? Dang.

      I am a little lost, if you think Canada is not sexist, yet the opposite, why is there fight for womens rights??.......

      It seems a little odd don't you think, to be fighting for something that doesn't exist....

      Well, I never thought Canada was sexist either, but from a European view, it certainly is. Well I am not for one imposing their cultures beleifs on another country. Europeans can think what ever they want about Canadians or us in Japan.

      I love how you take this post as a personal attack. How I am talking about the radicals and you tell me not to judge the whole country. Since when did I say Canada is a country with these nutjobs at the top? I didn't.

      But it certainly is a heated topic in schools now. And I know this not just from the media, the debates at schools that are post on YT, but from actually asking my friends and family who live there. The same people I grew up with. So yeah, they certainly give fair way to tell me on what is going on there, which is in no comparison to how we grew up.

      I mean, the other day, I got called a "sis female"....don't know wtf that is supposed to be an insult or not, but if such language is used in the world outside tumblr, then I think we have a crisis going on.