Nov 20, 2016

Butthurt....when they get butthurt

One thing about being a YouTuber, we can look up our own stats to see where people are viewing, where people are disliking. Where people watch the most. This is a graph of the views I get on my channel, how much % come from which country. 31% of my audience comes from Japan.

Well I am going to be straight up, this blog is a response to a sad individual who made a rant about me. My purpose to upload this is to inform the individual that not only were they wrong, but their obsession and actions are not helping them.

And its to let me fans out there know, these people exist and if you are dealing with haters, not to be put down.

(note) See haters often think when I make responses to haters such as the "your Japanese sucks video" or "are gaijin who come here losers" videos, that I am just crying and should ignore the hate....welll no you see. Standing up and talking about the negative things in this way DOES help other people.   I make these videos for other people.
I get mail all the time from people asking advice on how to deal with bullies, or have in the past thanked me for my video that actually gave them confidence. So yeah...imma keep doing that.

(BACK HISTORY) So theres this hater who seems to be festering over me for sometime. I gained knowledge of their existence when they sent me a illegible tweet of an image, which looked like some test questions. It was multiple choice questions. The person in the test name was "kana". The hater had said this image reminded me of them. Which I had said well sometimes people call me kana, but its actually kanadajin3 kanada-jin-3. kana is not a name its not short for anything. kanada as a whole means Canada. etc.
The user then said that "no choice number D matches you", as in my personality. Which I didn't get it. Like really, the picture had nothing to do with me. Which is not uncommon for haters to associate values of stuff that doesn't apply to me.
One of my fav is "she hopes nobody comes to Japan, her beloved land all to herself".....

So anyways, the multiple choice question said something about "my beliefs for the superiority for my culture".....DAFAQ. So I told them, like I think all cultures are =. I don't think anything is more superior. Like this user completely has invented some kinda theory or personality they think is attached on me, based on their own thinking. I multiple times say I believe in =. Anyways, used then said it was a Joke they were jk. Then I said yeah well I didn't get it. After then they went on a spamming spree sending me quotes from hate forums. Bingo. Yeah naw. Ain't got time for that. Blocked and life goes on. 
I get a "anonymous fan who just needs to tell me" ie: a hater who sends me the link in the mail. (they also actually often do this, little do they know, I can see when they liked the page and any past hate they have sent me....why do they even bother to pretend. Can't the be more bold? like "hey b imma buthurt hater making a buthurt response video to you notice me sempai". That takes guts. They don't have.
So I grab some mikans (sorry no popcorn here :(   ) and start to watch. Hoping this is better than the last NUTJOB who made a video about me. The day I watched those videos I had to stop, it just was too much crazy in one shot.
So in response to the video. The girl refers to my blog where I just mention where my views come from. Though it changes month to month. Currently 31% from Japan, at the time of the blog 25% from Japan. And her response to this simple bit of into.
"Theres no way in hell!! NO WAY IN HELL!!".....

ummm.. okay lady. Well. Theres my stats. I don't know what is so unbelievable. I have all Japanese subtitles, I am featured on several different Japanese TV shows. People who talk about Japan generally have Japanese viewers. Even have a channel for only Japanese speakers no subs...
Then she goes on to insult my viewers.....  "I am sure her viewers are all weeaboos"... here we go again..
A very low self esteemed person, tries to insult others. We always see this. People get called these names and think "no I am not a weeaboo, I know tons about Japan, see look!! I know this and that! how dare you! I will show you I am more knowledgeable by insulting others who have interest in Japan, because nobody can be as good as me! rawr!".  No, normal people don't go insulting others.

And yet again 99% of the time I see someone even try to use such word....why does their room always look like this?  <<

Also funny side note, She felt the need to include Japanese in title, dispite yah no, ain't no Japanese be watching me. :P
She then goes on about how I mentioned the Toilets in Sweden you have to pay for, vs in Japan it is free......  lol and?
I am sorry lady do you have honestly anything valuable to say? Like what is the point? Oh wait it comes. "because its free in America and pretty sure other places".................  *clap....clap..........clap*.
I love how haters often complain about the stuff I say, as if I am saying "Japan is the only place its free". I covered this in a video called "do YouTubers generalize Japan". Its where I talk about how all the haters go on and on about how I say 1 thing and am talking about another thing, and when they have too over used my spelling and have nothing else to complain about, they complain about stuff I said as if I said other stuff.... (did that make sense).
Like lady. Yeah. Its free in America...Canada.. But in Europe, in some places you have to pay. I never said "oh yeahhh Japan is da best!! zomg so free!! hahahha world sucks!! only Japan good!!".. Nope. I am simply making a comparison between Japan and Sweden. Nothing else. I didn't mention, nor do I know what it is like in the other 200s of countries we have on this planet. Nor is it relevant to the blog.
Her camera breaks. Odd music changes. She starts reading more parts of my blogs looking at the camera as if anyone in the audience other than a hater, would understand what is wrong with this???.........umm....okay?
She then makes a point where she things its hypocritical to say "I am glad to be out of Canada now" right after saying I think =ally of all countries. Well.
I don't understand what is hypocritical of that. I still think Canada is =. Nothing makes my first statement untrue.
The current situation, the drama, the fights, the riots, the culture of Canada, The situation with trump. All the news I am seeing, I am glad to be out of Canada. This doesn't mean I think the country is not =. If someone likes Canada, you won't see me holding a pitch fork!! ZOMG WHYYYY Japan so bettaaaaa!!! zomggggggggg  *stabby stab stab*. naw.
I think people have their own likes and dislikes.
Needs and wants.
Their own freedom and choice.
They can like whatever or wherever they want and I am happy for them.
Thinking things were weird when I was in Canada doesn't go against me thinking = of all countries. Thinking = of all countries means you don't think your country is better than others. I may like countries more than others, have countries I rather go to more than others, food of cultures I may like more, but it doesn't mean imma sit here "thinking my culture is more superior", like you originally "joked" about me thinking.
She then goes on about my speech about Trump. Looking into the camera reminding me I am "Kanadajin3"....I guess shes trying to say vaguely "You aint from America or live here so doesn't revolve around you".  An argument maybe someone who is undereducated about other countries may make, fair enough ......maybe you are unaware.
The USA president, affects the entire world.
In Japan, with trump as president, 2 major things are affected. Our trade with America (big market, yeah that could fk up our economy). They have already been talking on the news about how it could be too hard to expensive to export if the tax is going to be so high.   And another is the Japanese naval bases that are protecting Japan from North Korea and China (the countries that you know, often like to toss missiles towards us as tests).
The NICHIBEI KANKEI (relation between Japan and America) is very important for our safty and economy. So yeah. I am interested.
You mention when I lived in Canada, Harper was in control.. but you say it as if I liked him??? Or was for his wanting to force Muslim women not to wear Niqab.
Lady, I don't agree with Harpers racist agenda either.And no, its not relevant to be commenting on Harper, in 2016. Because its 2016. You have NO CLUE what opinions I had on the Canadian election in Canada AT THAT TIME. because I was NOT ON YOUTUBE.Where is the logic. Honestly.
She then questions "where have you had all the time to read all the trump stuff going on between YouTubeing and Waitress"......ummm. Really?

I am so confused when haters assume that they know what people do in their past time. Despite the fact that I watch the news (yes, we cover the American election too), you would literally have to live on a remote island, to not have a clue what is going on in the American election right now and over the past year. It is all over Twitter, Facebook, how can you NOT know?.

Okay lets wrap this up.  She ends her video talking about my part on feminism. Snickering "yes feminism was a thing, its been a thing since 1800s).   Dang son, I didn't know you lived in Canada..cause this whole time I thought you said you lived in America.......... *djhorn*.  Her whole video argument is how I shouldn't comment on American stuff cause I am Canadian, but now she is jumping INTO MY PERSONAL LIFE EXPERIENCES. And telling me what I have and have not experienced.
One thing thats wrong with the world is people who attack others personal experiences. Like literally, do you think I am sitting here "hehehehhe imma lie to everyone and say feminism wasn't a thing heheheheheh". No. It literally wasn't. I think what you are mentioning is first and second wave feminism, what I am talking about, is third wave feminism.  Aka tumblr come to real life? lol sorry. All jokes aside though.
I have been seeing the crazy news articles, YouTube videos being covered about these crazy feminists with crazy views. And the increase in YouTubers having their whole channel dedicated to feminism, and to combat that, the anti-feminist videos and anti-feminist channels and the "this is getting out of hand" videos from nutural people.

It wasn't till Philip Defranco started covering these topics did I realize "hey maybe this is a mainstream thing".  Cause literally, if as a kid you had these batshit crazy ideals that women need safe spaces or theres too much violence in video games, or its sexist that women are drawn sexy, that women are just such targets in society. 

And its true, My entire 21 years of living in Canada, I have NEVER once experienced such, and never once have I met a "feminist". So no, it wasn't a thing when I was growing up. There was no hot topic videos about it, no crazy viral posts online. We lived in peace where we could see sexy women in videos and video games without some buthurt lady whining about it.
I honestly have watched a lot of the "third wave feminist" arguments, and I find them sexist as fk. Down straight out sexist.

So yeah, Feminism wasn't a thing when I was a in Canada. It is a recent topic in recent years that has blown up. How are you to tell me that this is wrong, when it is based on my life experience?
And this is what you deal with being a YouTuber kids ^^. Waking up to fake emails linking you to odd video responses. Personally I just wrote this blog for no other reason than I thought, writing a comment to this girl could give her same opinion, but I rather get paid for it. See what I just did there....? :P
And cause I wanted to show her, doubting where someones view audience comes from, has honestly gotta be one of the saddest "jabs" you gotta take at someone.
One of the oddest things in the world is when you have someone who is negatively obsessed with you, but doesn't have a reason. like a real reason.
Maybe she is upset I live in Japan, maybe upset I have more views than her and she thinks her topics are more valuable? who knows. But whatever it is, people end up festering and boiling inside over someone elses simple life.
It is the way it is, otherwise she would at least have some point of value to add to the conversation. I often get wonderful points that are valid arguments in the comments. But then I often get people complaining about a. my personal experiences apparently being not true. b.things they think I think but don't. and then it always includes at least 1....but her fans are just weeaboos. and if not weeaboos its stupid.
No. You just have a negative personality that is preventing you to be positive and have a logical conversation with someone you disagree with. And that person just banked on that. And the fans who are interested in hearing stories of crazy haters, just enjoyed another story...hopefully with popcorn.
Everything is better with popcorn.