Nov 27, 2017

It has been over 5 months since I reverted

Assalam Alaikum

If you watch my YouTube you will know that "Kanadajin3 became Muslim".

Some people think this means that my channel videos will start to change to Muslim only themes, and the whole "Japan" theme will die off..


However, It does mean that yes, I will talk about Islam when it is relevant to Japan.

5 months ago I reverted.

Educational note: the word revert is used rather than convert because all people are born Muslim, but they are influenced by another culture or religion or teaching, so when they become Muslim later in life, its going BACK to Islam. That is what we believe. 

Since reverting I have went through many changes in my life, most you guys will never notice because you didn't know about me in the first place.

The obvious that people do notice is that I no longer eat pork, don't drink alcohol, pray, go to mosques, wear hijab and don't show body.

I deleted all my old videos without Hijab so I could reupload them edited out and "halal". Some people were shocked and upset at this choice but I think you should respect it body I don't want to show it.

A few months ago ,  I took Shahada at OTSUKA mosque here in Tokyo in front of about 25 sisters and a famous Sheikh from Saudi Arabia. (Sheikh is like the priest in Islam for those who don't know). 

Shahada is when you declare that you are Muslim, it is what officially makes you one. People can do it at home but its more formal if you do in mosque.  You get a certificate that says that you are Muslim when you do this and you can use it to go to Muslim countries for religious purposes and get a visa.

Now I know a lot of people might be wondering.


Answer. The same.
I literally feel no different. I wear Hijab daily and I feel no different from before .
The only difference is. When I go to the doctor they ask if I can eat beef and pork. And sometimes restaurants will give menu skipping the Alcohol area, or warn me "this has pork, this has alcohol". Other than that people are accepting and nice ^^


  1. Thank you Allah , Alhamdu li Allah , happy for you Sweety <3

  2. Wa aleyki salem. As you sister in islam I am truely happy for you and your choices. When you first said you would keep the videos as there were I still supported you but at the end you chose to edit them and I am even more happy ^^

    I am learning japanese at the university in France and often worried about what could be my life in Japan as a muslim; when I heard about you reversion I felt so good knowing that I would have an exemple through my new sister :). As I knew your youtube channel before your reversion and respected you for you were I actually felt even more sure about my choice of becoming muslim (I reverted 3 years ago at 19) especially since I started having doubts when I started my Japanese Studies and was afraid that it could be harder for me in Japan as a muslim. I though "Whaouh she's been in Japan for years and still decided to become muslim ! Maybe it's possible to be proud of our faith and love such a country" ^^

    BarakaAllaoufiki for what you're doing, I know it's must be tough but even if you don't see it now I know you're changing people's views on Islam and Muslim and people will see that this religion is not only for Arabian, maybe they will start to think "And why not me ?". You will be rewarded and I ask Allah to give even more to you :)
    PS : I hope we will be able to talk one day or even meet if I can come !

  3. I have a question, and please don't take it harshly I don't mean it in any way. I don't know anything about the Muslims or being one, so my question is this: why do Muslims believe that we are all born Muslim? To me it'd be like Christians saying everyone is born Christian or Athiest saying everyone is born Athiest. If you could help me understand?

    1. The Prophet Muhammad said, "No babe is born but upon Fitra (as a Muslim). It is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a Polytheist."

    2. It's because we believe that all people are born with the "instinct" or natural believe that there is one true "creator" or god. Just like how a baby knows how cry when sad or smile when he us happy.
      But when they grow, they get affected by their parents and other ideas.
      In Islam if someone didn't get to hear the true message of islam or didn't even know about it, but he believes there is a god, a god who is just. then he is a Muslim or a "believer".

  4. I’m glad you’re being accepted as Muslim so easily there. Other countries could learn a lot from this.

    1. Well, maybe she is accepted by her friends and the daily life society but getting a job at a Japanese company or anything else "official" is not so easygoing in Japan when you are somewhat "different"

  5. you are so brave to do that in public and show it to the world
    and i like when you said that word 'revert' the best describe ever heard
    if i will visit someday japan i would like to meet you
    (i'm a muslim too)

  6. Alhamdulillah..u at the right places.. last month i was in korea, but they dint warn us about the food that contain any pork or alcohol...we need to watch out all alone...😭

  7. Hello my name is yasmin and i am muslim and i considering moving to japan but i am not sure where to start. Could you give me some advice?