Nov 27, 2017

Kanadajin3 Goes to AKITA

This is me and the REAL Hachiko. You know Hachiko dog is Akitaken, which is Japanese dog native to Akita. Akita is a prefecture in northern Japan.

Akita doesn't have large population
The kanji mean 秋田 FALL, Rice field

I love Akita. It was amazing. But one thing I learned....You Really need a car to get around.
I went during sakura season which is the start of May. The Sakura were really amazing. It makes you not ever want to stay in Tokyo for Sakura season because outside of Tokyo just has so much better things to see when it comes to Sakura.

This is not a temple btw. It is someones HOUSE!

The first thing I noticed in the small city of Kakunodate, was that all buildings and signs were old style. 7/11, post office, banks and police stations all had a old samurai style to it.

It is because Kakunodate is actually a old samurai city. Along the walk through the Shidarezakura (weeping sakura), you walked through a samurai village.

I honestly recommend you check out the Shidarezakura in Kakunodate because it was really good.

Thats not all Akita has to offer.  In May in the mountains it is still snowing. I went on a bus to Tamagawa onsen, Japans most acidic onsen. Sadly, the video failed because

1. There are two tamagawa onsen bus stops, I thought there were 15 min walk apart...but because it was snowing the path was covered and its actually 1 hour walk away so we had no time to enter the REAL tamagawa onsen, we only went to the new tamagawa onsen. I will be back though....someday...

The lake you see above was the most beautiful lake view I have ever seen in all of Japan. It was so blue. The picture doesn't even capture the beauty. It is not a famous lake either, it was literally a random lake on the bus ride towards Tamagawa onsen.

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