Nov 28, 2017

What I always miss in Canada

I, kanadajin3 named my YouTube channel kanadajin because Kanadajin = Canadian.
The 3 was added because kanadajin was already taken.

I was from Ontario, Canada. Since moving to Japan I have went to Canada 3 times.

I wish I could go more often but the plane ticket is expensive. This time was summer and I paid 2700$ CAD for ticket.
  As you may know in Canada there is a coffee store called "Tim Hortons". They have a drink called "ice cap". It is the best drink ever.

The first thing I do when I get to Canada is get a ice cap. This xxL looking cup is actually a medium size!!!. It is so big.

However, even though it is huge amount I drink the whole thing. I love ice cap so much.

This is me after a 13 hour flight. Yay to no sleep

When you think of famous Canadian food theres not much. However there is one dish that is uniquely Canadian.


It is french fries, gravy and cheese.

This is poutine made with Turkey gravy.
It is really good but unhealthy.

 When I go to Canada, I always have the same travel pattern.
I spend 2-3 days in Toronto, then I make my way up North, stopping in a few cities on the way till I get to a small city with a population of less than 1000 people.  Along the way visiting cities I used to live in, cities with friends and cities where family members live.

When I come back home, I get driven to the nearest cities airport, then fly directly to Toronto and then stay a night and come home.

One person I always want to see is my best friend. She has been my best friend since I was in Grade 9.

It doesn't matter how many months I go without seeing her, our friendship never fades away.

We could not talk for a entire year but then meet and it is as if we never were away from each other.

We had such a good time this time.

< I am not a hockey fan, it was just cold.

I went to Canada in the middle of summer but at night it was quite cold. I remember Canada to be so much warmer.

In fact, I remember Japan to be so much warmer.

I have been waiting 6 years to have a nice warm summer. I feel like every year the weather is not hot enough for No matter where I go.

The food is what I missed the most in Canada. Though the portions are extremely big and the quality of a lot of things is not as good as Japan. There still is some things you just can't find here that is good in Canada.

Like rare sushi styles, decorated with many toppings. Or super healthy "trendy foods", such as kale salad with goat cheese and hemp seeds. These types of things are good but it is really expensive and the quantity was enough for a month.

Well, Hope to go to Canada next year ^^

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