Nov 28, 2017

Why I quit make up?

I have been Muslim for over 5 months.

I used to never appear in a video, let alone outside without at least eyelash extensions on.

I used to wear make up but I stopped.

Many people have noticed this and have asked

"is it because of your religion"?


Now, many people can argue that "make up is haram" or "make up is not haram".
I don't want to have that talk. This is not the place for that.

The reason I don't wear make up anymore has nothing to do with my religion.

The reason why, and I want to be really straight forward, is because some people told me I looked better without make up.

"WHAT!!! how can you be a follower!!! why not think for yourself!!"

Of course. I didn't simply follow their advice like sheep. I mean, people have been telling me, no make up is better, for years.

I get 50% people saying make up is nice. 50% say no make up.
People have their preferences.
I have always ignored them.
But 4 months ago, I listened for a short time and it was about a week where I did not wear make up. I got used to not wearing it. I found it was better.
It is much easier to get ready, I don't have to buy a bunch of products, no extra time spent on it. It is so much better this way.

So yeah, It started with someones suggestion that I actually listened to, but in the end I chose to keep it this way because I liked it better this way.

Now at the same time, many people say "you should wear make up you would look better". But really, I don't care to look "better". If I wanted to appeal to the general public, I wouldn't be covering my body and wearing hijab.


  1. Just do what you want, you always beautiful. ♥
    God bless you. ♥♥♥

  2. You are beautiful as you are.
    Just be yourself, and Allah knows what is the best for you.
    Keep it up.
    Ja, mata kimasu.

  3. I've only worn make up on very rare occassions in my life, and I've got the opposit said to me "you'd look better in make up". But I really don't care :P Looks isn't everything, if people are gonna judge me based on the fact that I might look a bit tired, or not have perfect skin, then so be it. It's worth it for me, I save all the money people would put on make up, and it also saves me time (I can get ready in the morning in 10 minutes :P). So, I was happily surprised to see that you've stoped wearing make up, becuase non of us really need it ^_~

  4. I'm happy you are happy ^^ Anyway, make up so not good to our skin :)