Dec 12, 2017

Is Japan safe for Niqabi?

 This black fabric that is covering my face is called NIQAB (nee-cob)
It is not called a "burka" as some people mistakenly call it. A burka covers all face including eyes. Niqab only covers  your mouth and nose leaving your eyes open.

Niqab is worn mainly in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and UAE, but can me found in other countries across the world.

Does Kanadajin3 wear niqab? Yes sometimes.

I have two. Both are from Saudi Arabia, one is a gift.

I wear it sometimes, but I am not a Niqabi (a girl who always wears it).

In Japan, you often see women wearing Hijab but do you see women in Niqab?
The surprising answer is yes. I don't know if women wearing Niqab is on the rise in Japan? Or if I am just more prone to seeing them being a Muslim woman myself....

I see at least 1 niqab per week.
However, all except for the women at mosque, were not wearing a black traditional saudi style niqab. They were wearing colourful fabric that covered their face.

Some were pink, purple, white and some multi colour pattern.

At the mosque I often see women wearing them but in the station or shopping I have seen plenty of women.

So the question is....How do people react ? Do they run away in terror!!! OMG THE GAIJIN IS SCARY ENOUGH BUT NIQABBBB!?!?!
No way.
Nobody cares
At all..

I have worn Niqab in various places.  
* on the train
* shopping
* while eating out
* looking for apartment to rent
* doctors office
* walking past police
* busy area of city

Not even once did I feel people were afraid of me or running the other way. I got nobody getting up and moving away and no change in the amount of people sitting down beside me on the train.

I don't wear it daily but I can have some confidence that at least TOKYO JAPAN. Is fairly safe for a Niqabi ^^


  1. I removed someones comments because they were posting false information about Islam and I don't keep such information, nor do I have debates with people. You say what you need to say once, and then walk away. Is best.

    1. That's good, Mira. There's also some person claiming to have been Muslim on your second most recent blog post from May spamming about wanting to teach you about Islam.
      These people are a cottage industry unto themselves who get paid a ton by professional anti Muslims and get far more oxygen than they deserve. You should delete that spam too, if o ly because it's so disheartening to see stuff like that even in safe places for young Muslims like your blog.


  2. Assalamualaikum
    I'm glad finding your story here. I will be off to Japan on August and still have a doubt about my safety wearing niqab in Japan. Thanks a lot. Love from Indonesia

    1. I wound up on this blog for the same reason! I'm considering working in Japan. It's nice to know living there is okay. Now I wonder if working there is possible. I have about a year to find out, because I finish studying soon, haha.