May 21, 2018

My honest opinion on KOBE BEEF

I remember having a telephone conversation with my mom a year ago that went something like this

Me: What do you want from Japan?

Mom: Can you smuggle in some Kobe beef?

Me: Why? 

Mom: It is the best meat in Japan, it is such high quality and we really need to get our hands on some of that. It would sell for 10x the price.

Everyone talks about Kobe beef. The "worlds most expensive meat". as its referred to....after doing a quick google search I am surprised to find out that it really is...

 I took a visit to Kobe. Kobe is a really nice city. The trains a little bit confusing like Osaka and stuff can be spread out but in the end I really enjoyed Kobe city view.

Since I came all the way I really wanted to try the famous Kobe beef.

I searched online for a famous Kobe beef store, not too expensive but upper middle range.
I ordered my Kobe beef. I also ordered the course and it was really nice.

The vegetables were amazing.

When the meat came I was excited.

I had never tried Kobe been and everyone talks about it like its amazing....

 Like usually all meat steaks are prepared, you get different types of salt or pepper, garlic to dip your meat in.

So the verdict.

Kobe beef. Is not good.

It is full of oil. It just melts in your mouth. If you are a person who likes lean meats, you will probably not like Kobe beef.

I have ate a lot of different meats in Japan and Kobe beef is actually at the bottom of the list for good meats. 

Doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try. I just feel the name has more value than the flavor.


  1. Is the kobe beef always that thick? Looks so delicious.

  2. Yup,in Japan people always raved about meat with big streaks of fat in each their own I suppose. I don't much care for the texture. You'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise, as I am definitely considered a big girl there. But I knew many people who ate much more unhealthily than I did.